Is Fishing Bass During The Spawning Period Bad? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Do you know that the most popular game fish in America is catching bass? Although fishing bass can be tricky, it is said that it is easier to catch them during their spawning period.

There is no doubt about that because we can see how pro anglers and fishermen spend their time to determine how bass can be lured every time they go fishing. But, when do bass spawn?


When is the best time to catch bass?

Bass spawns in the spring. This is the perfect time for fishermen to catch bass. Don’t worry if you are just a beginner because this is also the best time for you.

Although it is not always easy to catch bass, you will have an opportunity to see them before you try to catch them. It takes a lot of patience and practice to lure and get the bass that you are longing for.

Well, bass protects their nest during the spawning period that is why they eat less. Other aquatic animals could be caught easily while on their beds like a bluegill. It means that they just eat what is available to them.

However, there is something in bass which makes them snap quickly at your lure and spit it off. Bass are already heavier at that time because they have been eating a lot and that may explain why they still survive.

They are aware that during the spawning period, they should guard their beds so they don’t have time to search for food. If that is the case, then they act like a bluegill because they eat whatever is available.

This time, your lure may work. But, you need to use a faster retrieve in order to catch them. You may need plastic worms, rattletraps, jigs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Don’t worry because you will just be fishing in 15 feet of water or less because bass move up where they spawn.

When do bass spawn?

Bass will search for a place where it is safe for spawning when the water temperature increases from 55 to 65 degrees. Usually, lakes do not warm up constantly that is why it is worth noting that bass will not spawn at the same time.

Commonly, areas having direct access from sunlight are chosen by males. They can also be found over muddy or rocky bottoms. A shallow flat with a depth from 1 to 6 feet is usually the spot where they spawn provided that it will be easier for them to access the deep water.

Moreover, males do not build a nest within 30 feet from another visible nest. And generally, bigger bass spawn in deeper water. Bass spawn up to 26,000 eggs and these eggs hatch after three to six days.

Is fishing bass during the spawning period detrimental?

During spawning season, many fisheries usually close in order to increase the production of bass. It is detrimental to capture males during this period because it may affect the survival of bass eggs.

Bass fishing during the spawning period is a controversial topic for conservationists. In fact, there are some laws which prohibit such fishing game since the 1800s. Some believe that fishing during the period will have a detrimental effect in the breeding cycle of bass.

On the contrary, there are studies ascertaining that bass fishing cannot be bad for the populations of bass. It is worth noting that the egg production of females reaches thousands annually.

Fishing spawning bass may be difficult, but it is rewarding and fun at the same time. So, as a starter, you need to practice how to catch and release so that you can get your first bass. But, if you are already a pro, you still need to practice more and don’t forget to have fun.

How spawning bass fishing works?

Indeed, bass during the spawning period may be easy to find. But, it is also the time when they are not eating that is why fishing during this period can also be challenging. Since they have been eating as long as they can before such time comes, it may be difficult to take them to bait.

You may use a logical approach when you want to hook a spawning bass. Your lure may not tempt them because they know their instinctive duties. Besides, they are fasting and they are wise enough to determine the lure. Not unless you are lucky enough to attract them.

The iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder by ReelSonar may be helpful to find bass. Its flexibility and portability allows anglers whether pros or beginners to mark fish, determine water temperature, take photos and many more. This is ideal both for freshwater and saltwater.

Meanwhile, the main duty of a male bass is to clear the nest from unwanted things. For the next three weeks, the male bass should keep the safety and cleanliness of the nest. Usually, the technique used during the spawning period to catch bass is Sight Fishing.

You can locate bass by their nests. But, you should be careful because they can see you as you can see them. In order for them not to be scared away, you may guard their shadows and simply walk silently near the water’s edge.

Patience is a must. That is the reason why don’t be excited for a while if you already found a nest. Bass are wise so they will know when it is bait or lure. It may be advisable to place various lures in different areas as to catch their attention.

However, some people believe that there is no need to follow the seasonal pattern when you want to catch a fish. The video How to Find Fish - Bass Fishing from YouTube by Flukemaster may be useful. Watch to learn more.


Although there are many ethical issues involving bass fishing during the spawning period, it is still considered as the best fishing game up to now. It takes a lot of patience to learn how to fish like a pro. Besides, some of them have a hard time fishing given bass are smart sea animals.

Perhaps, you may need a fishing device to help maximize the chance of catching bass. The iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder by ReelSonar may be used to find bass and other aquatic animals. You can look what it is like underneath using your iPhone or Android.

Do you find this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts. I hope that this article will help you catch bass that you are longing for a long time!

Is Fishing Bass During The Spawning Period Bad? The Answer Will Surprise You!
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