What Are the Best Fishing Days – Some Days Will Shock You

Fishing on the best days is crucial for an enjoyable and successful fishing trip. The truth is that even with the right equipment and best fishing spot, you might not catch anything if the timing is wrong. Before deciding on when to pick your tackle and rod, it is prudent to consider several factors.

You might want to consider this comprehensive calendar on the best fishing days to get an idea. However, in the meantime, read to learn more about the best days, times, seasons, weather etc to fish.


​Factors to consider

​Consider time

Fish are normally coldblooded. Therefore, their activity solely depends on the water temperature around them. When cold, fish tend to be inactive; meaning fishing at this time is a bad idea. The same applies to when it’s extremely hot, since they retreat to the deeper waters in order to remain cool.

​Since fish consume bugs, they are active when bugs are active. Fishing is extremely good whenever the air is warm as well as thick with mosquitoes.

​The season matters

Just like any other animals, fish appear in great numbers in certain times of the year. Of course, this varies depending on the area you live and the sort of fish you desire to catch. However, keep the following general guidelines in mind:

  • Spring - Since they bite off and on during spring, you’ll have better luck later during spring when days are slightly warmer.
  • Summer - Summer is an excellent season to fish provided you avoid hottest day times. Fish tend to bite well before sunup or after sundown whenever food is abundant. They’ll retreat to cooler and deeper waters when the sun stands at its zenith.
  • Fall - Fall can turn to be an inconsistent fishing time. Nevertheless, when fishing is great, it surely is great. Most likely, they don’t bite much early afternoon or in the morning. As the day ends, water starts to get warm after experiencing hours of sunlight meaning they’ll be driven to consume more compared to normal due to the impending shortage which winter brings. Consequently, dusk is the ideal time to fish during fall.
  • Winter - Winter, for obvious reasons, isn’t the best time for fishing. This is unless you are conducting ice fishing. Ice fishing is a totally different thing than normal fishing since it entails fishing in ice rather than in water.

Consider the tides

The best time to fish when it comes to tides is whenever the tides are falling or rising. The change causes fish prey to budge en-mass thus making it an ideal time for the fish to feed. Fishing during high or low tide is highly difficult since at this time there is minimal water movement.

​Here are some great tips to consider in reference to tides:

  • Just Google ‘tide chart’ as well as the town you are in to discover the exact time low and high tides are within your area
  • Always look for shallow areas whenever fishing during high tides
  • Look for mud bank close to a slough when fishing during low tides. In fishing, a slough refers to an area that has a depression right at the bottom.

What Are the Best Fishing Days?

​Do you have any fishing tales? The weather, tides, moon and sun all have an influence on fishing activity. For instance, fish have a tendency to feed more during sunset and sunrise. During a full moon, tides tend to be higher than average thus allowing fish to feed more.

​Nonetheless, many people go fishing whenever they get time off but not because it’s the best time. In summary, the following are the best fishing days:

  • December 1-13, 29-31
  • November 1-14, 29, 30
  • October 1-16, 30, 31
  • September 1-16, 30
  • August 2-18
  • July 4-19
  • June 4-20
  • May 6-21
  • April 7-22
  • March 8-23
  • February 8-22
  • January 9-23

Check out this Moon Phase Calendar for your tailored Moon times.

Best Fishing Times

Here are the best times for fishing:

  • One hour prior to and after high tides … one hour prior to and after low tides. When inland, high tides times usually correspond with times when the moon is due south. Inland, low tides are normally halfway between the high tides.
  • You can also go for a fishing spree during the ‘evening rise’ (just prior to sundown and an hour or so afterwards) and during ‘morning rise’ (after sunup for spell)
  • Another incredible fishing time is when the barometer is on the rise or steady. However, even during the stormy periods, fish do not give up feeding. If you a smart angler, you’ll definitely find the right bait.
  • Go fishing when the water is ripped or still, instead of during a wind
  • You stand to enjoy success in fishing whenever the breeze is from a westerly quarter instead of from the east or north
  • Lastly, the best time to fish is when there’s a hatch of flies - mayflies or caddis flies, commonly.


​Knowing the ideal time or best days to fish is of utmost importance to every angler. Doing so helps you increase your chances of fishing. There is no doubt about. By applying everything you have learnt above, you will stand a big chance of returning home with some good amount of fish.

What Are the Best Fishing Days – Some Days Will Shock You
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