The 5 Best Underwater Fishing Camera in 2018 – Don’t Buy a Fish Finder Until You Read This

One of the most prominent outdoor activities that are loved by people from all parts of the world is fishing. In order to make your fishing experience fun, it is helpful to have lots of fishing gears. Perhaps, an underwater fishing camera is an excellent addition to your collection. It is a device that helps you catch fish easily. However, each has its own unique features so you should choose the best underwater fishing camera that you can find in the market.


Things to look for an underwater fishing camera

There are hundreds of cameras that are available on the market today but underwater cameras are made especially for a wide range of water sports activities. Some are geared for those who want to take pictures just for fun or entertainment, while others are designed for those who are serious enough to dive the deep sea. It is essential that the underwater camera chosen is shock-resistant and durable.

Furthermore, underwater cameras are used by anglers to fish more effectively. Aquatic animals like bottom feeders are found near the bottom of the sea bed which makes it hard to catch if not seen. Other fish species such as crappie, panfish, perch and walleye can be hard to find without an underwater camera. Having such a device will allow you to look at them before you could cast them.

Although most underwater cameras have similar functions, each can be executed in a different way. Besides, there are lots of underwater cameras that can be found in the market today.

In choosing the best underwater fishing camera, you need to consider many factors like display, camera quality, design, price and many more. Some people love the small screen, some love medium and some want big. Usually, an underwater fishing camera comes between 3.5 inches and 8 inches display. Although high quality cameras cost more, it is worthy to see the sharp and crisp view of the waters below.

Finally, when you have an enough budget, then you can choose a high quality camera. But, there are underwater cameras that cost less without compromising its quality. Some underwater cameras have added features which make it more beneficial to users.

What is an Underwater Fishing Camera?

​The live footage of the sea creatures underwater can be shown in a device called an underwater fishing camera. It comes with a screen that varies in sizes depending on the device used. The camera itself also comes in different shapes and sizes. Each camera is made with different battery voltage and unique technology.

However, it is worth noting that the main function of an underwater fishing camera is to let you see what is happening underwater through a video. Some underwater fishing cameras allow you to record videos and capture photos.


In the late 1990s, underwater cameras are already in demand most especially it is used for recreation. The benefits of the device have been learned by enterprising anglers quickly that is why it is still a mainstay even up to today. There is no need for you to done your dive gears because you can look at the world beneath as close as possible using the screen of the underwater fishing camera.

Furthermore, you can explore the contents of the waters at the bottom. You will know when you will set the hook because you are aware on the part where the largest fish in a school are found. You can also use the camera to know how these aquatic animals react in the water world.

Modern underwater cameras are better than ever compared to previous versions that open issues like directional and cable management. In order to have an exciting underwater experience, you need to assess your choices for as long as it is greatly beneficial to you.

Advantages of using an underwater fishing camera

Fishing is not just one of the greatest hobbies of men, but it also serves as a means of living. Fishing may look like fun and easy but you need to consider a few things. If you are longing for that big whopper, then it takes a lot of practice to catch one.

You can use an underwater fishing camera to maximize the chance of getting one. An underwater camera is a device used to display on screen what is found in the bottom of the ocean. Usually, this kind of device is used for open water fishing and ice fishing.

An underwater fishing camera is an impressive addition to your fishing equipment. You don’t need to get wet to know what is going on underneath the sea. Perhaps, it is mind blowing to get a glimpse of how near the fish is to you.

There are many underwater water cameras that are already available today and each has its pros and cons. That is the reason why before you decide to get one, you should have an idea about its unique features. If you select the best underwater fishing camera for your hobbies or for your daily means, then you will surely have a joyous fishing venture.

Check out this video to get a closer look at the Underwater Fishing Camera :

The 5 Best Underwater Fishing Camera

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If you are one of those who want big display for your underwater fishing camera, then you may love this option. This is one of the best big screen cameras that you can find with an 8-inch display. Plus, its 800X600 resolution ensures great quality that will make you see what is actually happening underwater. You are also allowed to choose between B&W and color LCD.

Marcum VS825SD display is also waterproof unlike usual underwater fishing cameras. To provide a better viewing, the device is made of Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3” image sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio. This will surely not disappoint you when you to take this to freshwater or even saltwater. It will also show other info like depth, temperature and battery voltage.


  • Big screen with 8 inch display
  • 800X600 resolution, which means high quality resolution
  • Waterproof screen display unlike typical underwater fishing cameras
  • LCD may be switched from B&W to color and vice versa
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Image sensor made of Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3”
  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater
  • Other features like depth, temperature and battery voltage


  • Not portable because of its large display screen
  • Screen can be hard to see in direct sunlight
  • Pictures are more grainy when it gets less light or when it dives deeper


You can see fish easier than ever with the Vanxse Underwater Fish Camera System. It is considered as one of the best portable fishing underwater cameras containing a lot of features including an LCD monitor with a 7 inch display.

It ensures high quality images with its 800X480 screen display resolution. It can dip a depth up to 30 meters long. It contains 12 pieces of white LED lights that would allow you to have a better view underwater. It is also adjustable so you can use it according to your needs. Not just that, it utilizes mini 100-degree wide angle that also ensures great viewing ability. It can also move quickly with its sturdy and portable aluminum case. This can be used in other water sports activities like underwater exploration.


  • Big screen with 7 inch LCD Monitor display
  • Depth up to 30 meters
  • Contains 12 pieces of white LED lights for a better underwater viewing
  • Uses 100-degree wide angle
  • Made with a strong aluminum case


  • Although the camera itself is portable, it has a big screen which means that there are more options that are portable
  • It is not good for waters with a depth of more than 30 meters
  • It floats so you need to clip weights to make it sink


This underwater fishing camera comes at a decent price range so it can be perfect for anyone who wants to buy within the budget without compromising its quality. It has a 7-inch TFT color display that can be viewed in a bright environment.

You are allowed for a 360 degrees viewing underwater using a remote control. Aside from that, it comes with high battery support that it can last up to 10 hours compared to other underwater fishing cameras that can stand only for hours of use. For camera light source, it uses high powered white lights which are 14 times brighter compared to other sources. This is perfect not only for underwater fishing, but also for underwater exploration, ice fishing, aquaculture monitoring and many more.


  • Can be bought at a decent price
  • Big screen with its 7-inch TFT color display
  • 360 degrees viewing
  • OSD menu can be controlled using a remote control
  • High battery support up to 10 hours
  • White lights up to 14 times brighter
  • Can be used in underwater fishing, underwater exploration, ice fishing, aquaculture monitoring and many more


  • Not portable because of its large screen display
  • Not good in cloudy water


This device comes with a 3.5 inch LCD screen which means that its size is like that of a smartphone. Since it is small, it can be carried in your pocket. This allows fishermen to detect the movement of the fishes below.

The IR lighting system is being used in the camera that is why you are given a better view of the objects below water. It also has an auto light sensing that makes you see an excellent picture of what is happening underneath. It fin and clip system is adjustable which makes it perfect for open and ice water use. It already has a battery charger and a cable that is 50 feet long. Since its battery is made of lithium-ion, it ensures users that it can be used up to seven hours.


  • Small screen size with a 3.5 inch LCD
  •  It is made with IR lighting system
  • Battery made of lithium-ion, can be used up to 7 hours
  • Cable is 50 feet long


  • Controlling the camera can be hard
  • Cable is very thin
  • Screen is hard to see
  • Not good to see in deep water


This device is perfect for night fishing because it is made with night vision technology. It means that you can use this underwater fishing camera anytime. It is made with 12 high power IR lights that feed the camera resulting to a better view.

This camera can be used up to 30 meters deep even at night. It has a big screen with its 7 inches LCD. But, it weighs less so you can carry it on your kayak or fishing boat. It will allow you to see a real time video because it can send signal quickly. It also allows for video capturing. It is made with a high-capacity rechargeable battery which makes it useable up to 12 hours. The aluminum box allows it to move easier and it is considered as the best underwater fishing camera with a night vision so far.


  • Big screen with its 7 inches LCD display
  • Made with night vision technology, perfect for night fishing
  • Consists of 12 IR lights which provides for a better viewing
  • Can be used up to 30 meters deep
  • Weigh less, only 1.5kg
  • Longer battery capacity, can be used from 9 to 12 hours
  • Real time video and video capturing


  • Big screen, cannot be carried easily

​Final Verdict

We can use a lot of tools to make our fishing experience enjoyable. If you want to understand more about fishes, then these devices may be helpful to watch them on screen. All of them are primarily made to help catching fish easier, but each of them has its own unique features so you can select one depending on your wants and needs. Both the pros and cons are enumerated so that you will know what is best for you.

So far, the portable fish finder by WoSport is the excellent choice because it is made with a night vision technology which makes it not just good to use in the morning, but also in the evening.

If you have more suggestions, you are welcome to place your comments below. Hope this will help you in your fishing adventur​e.

Have fun!

The 5 Best Underwater Fishing Camera in 2018 – Don’t Buy a Fish Finder Until You Read This
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