5 Best Portable Fish Finder For 2018

Reviews on the best portable fish finder reveal that such kind of finders are effortless to mount/dismount. Consequently, they’re the best option for those anglers that desire leisure and lack boats of their own.

An angler may be fishing from the shore or even renting boats or conducting ice/fly fishing. A transducer is a multipurpose since you can use it in a variety of ways. You don’t need drilling because no permanent structure on a boat is required for portable fish finders. In terms of installation, best portable fish finders are the ideal ones.

​When it comes to price, they are pocket friendly thus offering you value for your money. Compared to the fixed fish finders, they usually cost 5 times less.


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​Benefits/advantages of portable fish finders

  • Highly affordable - Generally, the fixed fish finders are normally costly compared to their portable counterparts.
  • Flexibility - You can easily transport portable fish finders in order to utilize them in different locations. For instance, if you happen to be fishing from land-based locations, a rented boat or kayak, the units are the ideal choice for you.
  • Effortless to use - Because they do not need any permanent installation, it is very easy to set up the device and use it moments later.
  • Transducer flexibility - You can conveniently use the transducer in a number of situations. For example, it is very much possible to throw them in water from a shoreline, boat, or dock. Optionally, you can opt to mount it temporarily in to your canoe, kayak, or any other watercraft.

​Factors to consider when using a portable fish finder on your watercraft

​Learning how to install a fish finder on your kayak or canoe is very important. Here is what you need to do …

  • Begin by positioning the unit on your watercraft. Several factors can inform the perfect position. The type of canoe or kayak you have is one of the factors. Next, ensure that you install the unit within reach. This way, at any time, you can reach out easily and adjust the settings.
  • Being waterproof is one of the highly essential features that a canoe or kayak fish finder ought to have. For this reason, ensure that the unit features a waterproof rating of not less than IP67. IP stands for Ingress Protection while the numbers reveal the protection levels against liquids and solids. As much as the unit is waterproof, it doesn’t mean that you blast it with high-pressure water.
  • You also need to find some battery source of power. To settle for the ideal size, you need to check your fish finder’s milliamps.
  • A storage space for the battery is another important area that you need to be concerned about. This will go miles in protecting it from the saltwater that can corrode or shorten its life. To perfectly secure the battery, you need to design a battery or foam tray as well as glue it right into the kayak’s hull.
  • In order to obtain the power of your fish finder, you’ll need to run a wire. Soldier all connections and ensure you seal them firmly without any exposed joints left. You should give it a real time coat of protectant in order to ensure the moisture is kept at bay.
  • Whenever you utilize a fish finder on a canoe or kayak, it is very important to take great care of it. During the day, it can get exposed to saltwater. Therefore, after getting home, ensure you get rid of the crusty salt layer. All you need to do is give a quick but effective wash with tepid fresh water. After it gets dry, you can store it away inside a dry box.

Top 5 Best Portable Fish Finders

1: Norcross Hawkeye F33P

Via: www.amazon.com

The Norcross Hawkeye F33P is a highly affordable fish finder that is designed impressively to offer depth, structure, weeds and fish readings. Using it, you can read depths of up to one hundred feet.

The device is tiny and fits perfectly to palm of the hand. Its screen is very easy to view as well as read. Unlike the other moveable fish finders, the screen of this device doesn’t draw an image. Instead, it reveals indicators.

It simply means that it will reveal tiny symbols that decode fish, structure, or weed. In most instances, it does the guesswork for you thus making it an excellent one especially for beginners. You can select the sonar sensitivity up to four settings.

The device fits easily into tackle box, backpack, hand or other storage containers you may like.


The gadget is an excellent option for anyone that does his or her fishing during weekends for fun, or just catch one or two fish.

2: The Hummingbird SmartCast RF30 Fish Finder

Via: www.amazon.com

The Hummingbird SmartCast RF30 fish finder boasts of high accuracy levels. In fact, that is exactly what makes it be part of this list. The device puts out a modest 125-watt signal within a 20-degree cone. This translates to viewing a circle with a diameter of roughly 1/3 depth of water.

It’s relatively tiny screen is excellent for checking structure, depth, temperature or if fish is in the area. What is more is that you can expect certain features and control that make it any angler’s best friend.

Turning it off and on for particular features including auto depth scaling and beeping whenever fish is marked is a walk in the park. Immediately you are out of water, this unit stops detecting any signal from surrounding water. Actually, it functions just like any standard digital watch.


Despite the small size of this unit, you can rest assured that if provides excellent features present even in the larger units like bottom contouring. It remains one of the handiest devices with already turned lake fishing from less exploration to more focused fishing.

Via: www.amazon.com

The Garmin echo 100 fish finder understands that value is everything when it comes to selecting the best portable fish finder. It is surely a strong unit with all the essential functionality you can be looking for in a fish finder. Perhaps its drawback has to do with being light on both your wallet and frills.

An amazing attribute about this fish finder is mainly on its crisp 4-inch display. The display boasts a pixel resolution of roughly 160 × 256, coupled with an 8-level-grayscale FSTN screen, which is cool. The unit extends real time to include a single 200 KHZ beam transmitter that brings up even hidden details under 600 feet when it comes to fresh water. At its beam, it’s at 100 watts.

What is for sure is that this stands out as the best portable fish finder when it comes to small to medium-sized boats. Additionally, it does not crowd your already limited boat space.

The unit is reliable, and efficient in terms of speed and performance.


There is no doubt that this unit remains one of the best portable fish finders the market has to offer.

4: Garmin Echo 150 Fish Finder

Via: www.amazon.com

Another amazing solution for any angler wishing to fish using rented canoes, docks, canoes, kayaks or any other small vessel is the Garmin Echo 150 fish finder. The unit features a soft-sided carrying case with a rugged support arm and base for holding and protecting it in place.

What you also get from the pack are rechargeable batteries together with its charger. Additionally, the park contains an in-built bag to store smart charger. The transducer houses the storage and cable management. It perfectly wraps right to the bottom base as well as support arm.

The Garmin Echo 150 fish finder features a white and black 8-grayscale display.


This is indeed another amazing best portable fish finder that is worth every penny of your hard-earned money.

5: The Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

Via: www:amazon.com

The Deeper Smart Portable fish finder is the perfect portable unit for the tech savvy anglers. Featuring a wireless system, the unit works in conjunction with iPhone and Android operating devices. Its smart sonar technology can work excellently up to one hundred and thirty feet deep.

It has Bluetooth technology to assist obtain information on the fish location, water temperature, obstacles and pond bed as it automatically displays it on the screen. The unit has a dual beam that offers it a wide coverage with exceptional details. The audible alarm notifies you of depths, size, as well as fish locations.


The unit has a number of exceptional features and functionalities that make it one of the best in the market. Some of these include sonar function history, weather forecast, camera, fish activity calendar, social media integration, fishing log and maps.


​Getting the right portable fish finder is an important step towards enjoying your fishing escapade. The above are the five best portable fish finders in the market today. Get yours today and discover their magic.

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5 Best Portable Fish Finder For 2018
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