How to Become a Professional Fisherman – Expert Advice

Becoming a professional fisherman sounds like a cool job to numerous people. But just like any other jobs, nothing worthwhile can come that easily. Essentially, a fisherman’s life consists of long periods of traveling, rough days, self-marketing, seminars, research, and a second job.

Professional fishing is rewarding and exciting, but it is not what many would imagine it to be. Thus, you need to know how to become a professional fisherman before you try and work in becoming one. This post will give you expert advice on how to become a professional fisherman.

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I. Becoming a Fisherman​

Can You Do It?​

Becoming a Fisherman

You may think that having a fishing profession would be exciting, but it takes more than just passion for being an expert. It certainly helps if you love fishing. But not just any kind of passion – it must be your obsession, it needs to be your major objective over anything else.

Well, think of it as a sport. Do you think Stephen Curry is so successful only because he likes basketball? Well, no, he is largely considered the greatest shooter in the NBA. And even after numerous seasons, he is still getting better. And just like other professional sports, you need dedication and drive to make it in the world of fishing.

But unlike major sports, your talent can only go so far. Trophy fish do not care if you own the top natural cast in fishing history, it only cares about protecting the nest or eating, or following its natural instincts to attack at something nearby.

Are you aware of which cast to utilize at the proper time? The proper bait? Size? Speed? There are numerous factors involved, and you need to practice all of them constantly to know what you require to catch fish consistently. Maybe you’ll become the best angler at catching bass using a jig off the bottom.

If fish are just schooling in water, you will never get as many as somebody tossing out a crank bait.

If you have the knowledge, drive, and passion, then you must work in building up your credibility by joining local fishing tournaments. It does not matter if you only get a free meal at a local restaurant; that tournament experience is essential for you. If you do not own a boat, join team tournaments or enter as a co-angler.

Numerous non-boater tournaments offer cash rewards, and even victories as a co-angler can build up your name. The more competitions you engage, and triumph into, the more confidence, and assurance you will get as a fisher man.​

Finances and Sponsors​

It is not a surprise that becoming a bass professional is not cheap. There are entry payments to worry about, and wheeling your boat around from one tournament to another cost a lot of cash and you can save enough to acquire a decent rig.​

Winning competitions help, although the majority of professionals all began by working on other jobs while chasing their dreams until they’re financially stable enough to focus entirely on a fishing profession. Obtaining financial security is one of the most vital requirements for becoming a fishing pro.

One great way to gain financial support is by getting sponsors. Having sponsors can dramatically change your life. You require sponsors to help promote your fishing career, yet you cannot get one if you are not yet a professional. It is not likely that you will get a huge sponsorship contract with a big company like Yamaha or Shimano just by winning a local competition.

It is a wrong approach to think that you can get a huge sponsor simply by asking for one directly. To reach that point, you should expand your resume. Winning contests is a huge factor, but it is also important to prove that you can be an excellent salesman and spokesperson.

So learn as much as you can about the products you would love to work with someday, take some business or public speaking classes if you need to, get acquainted with various mediums such as TV, the internet, and even radio in finding the ideal sponsor.

Just keep in mind that fishing companies are not rewarding you, they are seeking your help to boost sales for their brand or products. And if you do not like the thought of product promotion in commercials or fishing shows, then sponsors aren’t expected to come your way. Most importantly, to be a pro - you need to act like one.

Here are more tips on how to get sponsorships – Tips on How to Get Sponsorships​

Start Small

If you’re new to fishing, then you’ll have to temporary settle at fishing in local streams, lakes, ponds or rivers – the ones you’re familiar with. You have to learn the fundamental elements of fishing like how to bait a hook and tie a lure. You can learn all the fundamentals by practicing them.​

Enter a Fishing Club

Fishing organizations are an excellent way to meet other anglers close to your skill level. The people in these clubs will have techniques, tips, and other stuff to share. They can be your source of external knowledge and advice. Oftentimes they will organize their own mini-tournaments.​

Here’s a list of potential Fishing Clubs in America – Fishing Clubs and Associations USA​

Master A Species

Various types of fish need various types of fishing methods. It is hard to be good at them without becoming skilled at a few.​

Certain species love certain baits. For example, do not fall into utilizing catfish baits on bass. There are numerous manufacturers out there that manufacture different types of bass baits. And even similar bait in a somewhat different color or design can make the difference.

Join a Mini Tournament​

Nearly every region in the country, regardless of how small or big, has a body of water inhabited by a couple of predominant species. Get to grips with the method of fishing for the species living there. Ultimately, there will be a mini tournament for species of your specialty.

You need to win in these small tournaments to become eligible for the huge tournaments. You’ll learn from more skilled tournament contestants, and this understanding will ultimately provide you with stock knowledge in your career endeavors in the future.

Find a Professional Fisher​

The majority of professional fishing competitions make use of a pro-am form in the field. Normally, two men are in a single boat. The professional is the boat owner and is catching the big bucks. And the inexperienced professional is the co-angler, that’s catching the smaller, alternative purse.

Usually, the alternate purse takes in a boat and perhaps a truck to drag it.

Get Endorsements​

You’ll have to get a few endorsements to make your job as a professional fisher lucrative. Tournament victories are great, but you can, with no trouble, spend on the first-class equipment you need when you win in any set tournament. And once you’re endorsed, your name will go viral and that’s the actual mark of a pro fisherman.

The quickest way to obtain endorsements is to promote yourself to bait and tackle shops in your local area. These endorsements may not provide you with that much cash, but if you embellish your boat with promotion stickers, these shops might provide you with free equipment, if not cash.

You’ll need to at least win numerous local tournaments and one major tournament to get the rewarding endorsements offered from the major outlets and brands. Winning more tournaments will entice more local shops to endorse you too.

Here’s a good lecture on how to become a professional fisherman:​


Every time people inquire about the sport of fishing, they are inquiring about how such activity is considered a sport as well as how to become a pro fisherman. Starting as a mode of survival, the fishing hobby has changed itself from a pastime to one popular sporting activity in the country and throughout the world.

Though luck allows the novice to become successful, it takes great skill to find and catch fish constantly. Given the proper conditions, you’ll be able to become an expert fisherman with numerous effort and luck. Good Luck!

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How to Become a Professional Fisherman – Expert Advice
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