Five of the Best Flavored Wild-Game Meats You Have to Try

For most hunters, the thought of grilling a nice backstrap or heating up a bowl of venison chili beats anything you could find in the store. Although some believe game meats are tough to cook, it can offer a whole new flavor that most farm-raised meats fall short of providing.

​In addition to cooking up a gamey alternative, the satisfaction of knowing you harvested the product yourself is priceless. Although there are several animals in the wild that make tasty alternatives, there are five wild-game types of meat that blow the competition out of the woods - literally.


5. Whitetail

In addition to being one of the most commonly consumed wild-game meats, whitetail is also one of the best tasting meats out there.


This animal is often sought out due to its ability to produce high-quality meat more consistently than other large mammals. As one of the most hunted animals in the world, whitetail deer blows the competition out of the water.

Bull elk are often too tough to chew and mule deer taste can vary greatly due to hormones. With whitetail, there is no hit or miss -- it's either hit or hit bigger. The taste of this meat is always good if not great no matter how it is prepared.​

4. Beaver

Beaver meat is one of the most wasted products in America. Numerous individuals trap and dispose of them without considering just how delicious they are.


The flesh of beavers tastes like a post-roasted beef. The meat is pleasantly fatty and contains a mild flavor.

Using a crock pot to cook beaver leaves the meat mouthwateringly good as it virtually melts in your mouth with flavor. There are numerous beaver recipes available to choose from, each packing its own punch of flavor.

It is recommended to remove the oil sacks and caster glands early on while skinning to ensure no contamination of the flesh occurs. Some individuals consume the beaver tail, which contains edible fat.

3. Mallard Duck

Roasted duck is a game meat that is usually considered an elegant alternative to turkey. Its tasty flavor is incomparable to any other type of winged animal.

Although a bit greasier than chicken, mallard duck is an exceptional dining option. Like most dark meat animals, mallard ducks are packed with rich flavors. Mallard duck requires a bit of proper preparation to ensure it is as tasty as it should be.


When preparing mallard duck, it is important that you do not skin the bird. Instead, pluck the feathers and leave the skin attached.

The skin and fat are packed with flavor and moisture that you want to keep around through cooking. Simply use a pan with some cooking oil to sear both sides of the breast for 3-minutes or so before cooking the duck for 6-minutes in an oven set at 350-degrees Fahrenheit.

Mallarrd Duck meat should be red when you consume it for the most flavorful option.

2. Elk

My personal favorite, Elk is another flavor-packed game-meat option that does not disappoint. Quite often, individuals who have family members or friends that are whole-heartedly convinced that they do not like wild game are successfully tricked into eating elk steak or burgers.

A lot of individuals find that elk tastes like lean beef, which dubs it the name of 'the thinking man's beef'.


Elk thrives in some of the most rugged terrains, battling the toughest environments, which are sure to give hunters exceptional stories to tell others as they enjoy this tasty meat.

Whether you’re a crossbow hunter or sporting a standard hunting rifle, I highly recommend elk hunting at least once in your life.

1. Squirrel

Squirrel gains the top position as the best wild-game meat due to its widespread availability, clean flavors, densely textured flesh, and fun procurement process.


Squirrel can be baked, grilled or made into a soup or stew, and contains a novelty of taste.

A lot of hunters find that squirrel meat tastes arguably better than grass fed beef. Additionally, squirrel is naturally free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs and they pack a load of healthy lean protein.


Each of these five animals has meat that is full of flavor. These are healthier options than some store bought meats as they contain a healthy balance of omega-6 and 3 and they are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

These five game types of meat top the list of must-haves for any avid hunter.​

Five of the Best Flavored Wild-Game Meats You Have to Try
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