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How to Choose Your Insulated Boots

If you enjoy spending time in nature, then hiking and camping trips might just provide you with the perfect weekend getaway. Because of the physically demanding nature of this activity and the possibility of extreme weather conditions to arise, choosing the right clothes is vital for your safety and well-being.

Arguably the most important aspect to focus on is represented by shoes. A suitable pair will provide you with the necessary amount of comfort to help you power through long walks, as well as keep you warm in the process. Here is everything that you need to know about choosing the right boots for your next adventure.

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Three Places That Break The “No Hunting At National Parks”

Many people believe that National Parks are preserved areas with strict no-hunting laws. However, this is not true. Although most of the parks don’t allow it, there are about 75 areas that permit hunting under the National Park Service (NPS). This means that about 60 percent of the NPS’ total park property uses hunting at various times of the year so that they can manage their wildlife population. So, if you’re on the hunt for some new land to target, check out one of these approved national parks.

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, Washington

Named for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area was created as a part of the Columbia River Basin project. Here, you can find the area’s largest concentration of moose as well as osprey and turkeys. The area is most popular though for waterfowl hunters since many species of diving and puddle ducks inhabit the lake during the winter. To catch these ducks, your best bet is to hunt late in the morning, when migratory flocks stop to take a rest. You will also want to use decoys to attract the waterfowl and be sure to stand at a crossing angle to your target. Since waterfowl hunting occurs during the winter, you will also want to wear warm, comfortable clothes and follow the rules and regulations of the season.

Particularly at Lake Roosevelt, you must avoid hunting within a half a mile of developed areas. However, hunting at the Old Kettle Falls developed area does open for waterfowl hunting during certain times of the year. This is an excellent spot to check out as it tends to be less crowded and easier to hunt.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


If you’re looking to target the big game, Grand Teton National Park is the place for you. Grand Teton offers some of the best big game hunting in the United States. The eco-system is known for its large diverse wildlife such as moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, antelopes, black bear, and grizzly bear. However, the area is specifically popular for its population of elk. Since the park was created in 1950, an elk hunt was established across the 310,000-acre land. This hunt helps to manage the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s target objective of 11,000 elk and provides hunters with a hefty prize.

Elk hunting occurs in the park from October to December, but it can vary slightly depending on the year and area. You must have a valid Wyoming elk hunting license along with a park permit to hunt and if you want, you can hire a special guide to help you cut down on preparation. These guides will haul the animal out for you and show you the best places to hunt. However, regardless of whether or not you decide to use a guide, don't forget to bring your ACOG scope, nylon twine, and rangefinder to ensure you're ready for the hunt of your life.

Amistad National Park, Texas

Named for the Spanish word for “friendship”, Amistad National Park has a great friendship between water and land. On its 58,500-acre park, you can enjoy beautiful water views and get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife. Amistad National Park is also one of the few parks in the country that allows the use of archery to hunt your game. Therefore, you can use a bow and arrow or a shotgun to target white-tailed deer, javelina, turkeys, rabbits, exotic mouflon sheep, aoudad sheep, blackbuck antelope, feral hogs duck, and quail.

 Although the park used to be a secret, it has now opened up to the public making tracking a little difficult. To catch the best game, you should set up your spot and wait for the crowds to push the animals to you. You won’t be disappointed though at what you catch. Amistad National Park has five areas that are designated for public hunting and the hunting season is typically between September and February. To join the hunters, you simply need to obtain a $20 National Park Service Annual Hunting Permit and show your hunting license.

Special Rules for Hunting in National Parks

You are probably aware of all the safety precautions and rules associated with hunting. For example, you should never hunt alone and dress properly for the weather and so that you’re visible to other hunters. However, there are specific rules that are associated with hunting in national parks. Because national parks are protected areas, you absolutely have to follow the regulations of the area. Be sure that you only hunt approved animals during the appropriate season. 

Also, you need to be sure to stay off historic areas and protected wildlife sections. You have to take extra caution to leave the hunting ground exactly as you left it so that you don’t disrupt some of the threatened flora and fauna.

The Top 5 Advantages Of Getting A Survival Knife

Do you like to go on camping or fishing trips? Are you an adventure junkie? Are you always prepared for a trip in the wild on a weekend? Are you all geared up? Do you have the best survival knife there is for when situations go south? Do you know how versatile a survival knife can be?

If you own a survival knife just to impress your peers, then you might not know what the real power of it is. A survival knife with sheath didn’t get its name from just looking dangerous, but rather being useful in dangerous situations. Apart from showing off your dangerous personality, owning a survival knife has the following advantages:

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Different kinds of Family Tents For Camping

Camping is always an exciting event to participate with family and friend. It can give loads of fun and adventure while you remain away from your home in the countryside close to a forest or at higher hilly areas. When it comes to camping, having the best-suited tents are important. This will not hamper the fun element during camping. There are several types of tents for camping, which include for individual backpackers and also for a family to stay together in a tent and have a good time.

One can find the family tents for two people to the camping tent for 10 people as well depending on your needs. There are several types of family tents available in the market both online and brick and mortar store. This means you can find camping trends for families as per their broad range of requirements giving you the best comfort without getting the congested feeling. This means the camping tents for families can even give you the required amount of privacy and other features that can add good feeling.

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Benefits of Hiking Boots

Hiking is not just an exciting experience but also a healthy activity. It is a healthy activity both for your physical health but also for your mind and spirit. It is a vigorous and long walk in the countryside taking to new heights while you take up the high hill walking with like-minded people. You can find many hiking groups and communities that organize hiking expedition too often. You can be the part of such groups and enjoy the bliss of hill walking commonly termed as hiking.

However, when it comes to hiking, it is imperative to do it with all its formalities. Thus getting a good pair of hiking boots from ComfortWorkBoot website that can protect your feet and give a comfortable move on the high hills. In fact, having adequate hiking boots can be beneficial in many ways, let’s check how?

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A Guide to Camping with Dogs

There are fewer things better for dog-owners than going camping with their four-legged friend. Camping with your dog is an amazing experience, as your pet has the freedom to run around in the open taking in everything nature has to offer.

It’s something that can be done with just you and your dog or as part of a family vacation. When going solo with your pet, you’ve got some much-welcomed companionship, while taking your pet along for a family camping trip means the kids have someone to play with.

However, before you go camping with your dog, it is important to take the time to prepare for the trip. Travelling and camping with a dog is certainly a fun experience, but things can get rather stressful if you’re not adequately prepared.

From finding a suitable camping spot to knowing what supplies to bring, there is a lot to consider when preparing to go camping with your dog. Check out the guide below for all the info you need for a great camping trip with your dog:

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Making Your Trip Memorable With Cutting Edge Technology

For time immemorial, humankind has set out across the great outdoors to get a taste of nature and create new memories. Intertwined with the great outdoors is camping and the 40,000 year old skill of fishing, both requiring the use of innovative technologies to do well. Some might argue that a simple hook and line, tarp and pole is enough to do well - but, what can cutting edge technology do to make your trip even more enjoyable?

From underwater fish finding cameras to digitally calibrated fishing poles, there’s a world of opportunity. Join this rundown of some of the best applications of technology in the outdoors today.

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Why Fit a Portable Fridge in Your Car? The Benefits and How to Do It

There are plenty of excellent reasons why you should have a fridge installed in your car. If you are an adventure lover, like to camp outdoors or simply take extended road trips, a fridge at the back of your car gives you autonomy and even luxury that you might not have known before.

Imagine having cool drinks in the middle of the desert, cold cuts and cheese with chilled beer on a beach or real dinner at night in the wilderness. Proper storage and transport keep your provisions fresh and safe for consumption. If you are planning to get a fridge but do not know how to do it, here are some tips to get started.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Bags

As we prepare for winter camping, many of us are taking old mummy bags out of storage and looking for replacements. But not all sleeping bags are created equally – a fact that most of us find when we're already out on a trip. To spare you the sleepless nights (and hard days), we wanted to create an ultimate guide to purchasing a sleeping bag.

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