What To Eat On A Fishing Trip?

Fishing could probably be the next pastime activity you want to take on. Although closely associated with fun and adventure, fishing can still be tiring, especially, if you really didn’t catch any, and you are hungry.

There’s no better way to pacify a hungry stomach but feed it. However, food can always compensate for any difficult task. This being said, food preparation during your fishing trip is essential.

But, you shouldn’t just bring or prepare any food you like. There are a number of things to consider when preparing a fishing trip menu. Take a look at each of the following points below:


Length of Stay

​If you are going on a one-day trip, ensure that you only prepare food consumable within a day. But, in case you have last-minute plans of spending overnight, you may look for the nearest grocery store in the area.

Food Budget

I’m sure you have many fishing food ideas in mind, and it’s really easy to think of something fun and delicious to eat. But, have you already considered your budget? If you have counted the cost of everything, from transportation to bait, and other contingencies, what about the food cost? You surely want to cut your expenses down. So, it’s better to bring homemade food like sandwiches rather than buy fast food meals.

Type of Fishing

For practical and hygiene reasons, it’s better to know ahead whether you are going on a freshwater fly fishing or bait fishing on the sea. The latter will surely get you dirty than the former. This will give you an idea on what kind of food should you prepare, not to mention, the type of fishing rod and trout lure you must bring with you.

Weather Condition

Knowing in advance the weather condition on your fishing trip is of great importance. It will help you decide whether you have to serve a cold food or a hot one. Checking it with the weather forecast is an advantage.


In trips like this, don’t you dare fail to plan about your drinks. Plan according to the weather condition, too, and of course, according to the taste of your food, for that matter. Does grilled food taste better with soda? Or does water neutralize the taste of all the food you have prepared? Let the drinks be your guide in preparing your food. But, here’s what you need to know; alcohols are a big ‘no-no’ especially if you are boat fishing.

Baggage to Carry

Consider the probability of hiking as your alternate activity during your fishing trip. If you think there’s a mountain nearby you want to climb, then, you have to keep your luggage weight to a minimum. So, start thinking which food allows you to go light. Carrying an air fryer or a electric griddle on a climb would sound impractical. Think about your car capacity, too in case bringing large boxes for your food come to mind.

Fishers’ Food Appetite and Metabolism

Aside from keeping in mind each one’s food preference, I think the appetite and the metabolism of your colleagues must also be considered. How hungry and how easier one can have a full stomach after eating must guide you on the amount of food you only need to prepare. The sea air is likely to enhance one’s appetite for a certain reason. So, just bring a considerable amount of food during your trip provided that you have already familiarized your fishing buddies’ character when it comes to eating.

Fishers’ Food Preference (and that of yours, too!)

Of the many things mentioned that you ought to consider, asking which the food preference of each fisher must be done. Conduct a little survey to get their choices, and make sure you prepare food according to their wishes (of course, after having fully considered the provisions). Also, bring a menu or two of your liking as your food preference also matters. Always make sure you enjoy your food! After all, you deserve to be happy!

Preparing your food

Now that you know the things to consider in preparing food for a fishing trip, let’s move on to the specifics. How exactly should you prepare your food? Or what does food preparation entail?

1. Keep Food According To How It Should Be Served

If the food requires refrigeration, then, it is a must to pack them into a cooler. This is to guarantee your fishing buddies that they can drink exactly cold soft drinks during their lunch, unless you want to spoil their meal; but, would you?

What about soups? I’m sure you want to sip them reasonably hot. In this case, you have to bring your portable heater with you, or just have your soup prepared on the spot. But, make sure you have already considered the weather condition here – something hot for the winter and something cold for summer.

2. Pack Your Food The Smart Way

Given that your main menus for each meal have already been boxed, the next things that need consideration are the other foods you are planning to bring, such as fruits, nuts, junk foods, and other snacks or side dishes. How should you pack them in a manner that doesn’t weigh you down? Here’s the ultimate rule – get rid of anything bulky.

3. Protect Your Food From Anything Contaminating

You shouldn’t consider water as something that can contaminate your food because it’s really not just water, but all kinds of liquid, including coffee. Hard objects or even something stinky in smell may already contaminate your food if they’re not covered or packed properly. So, make sure you have secured the cleanliness of the food you will be serving. Moreover, as simple as washing your own hands before eating is also vital as far as proper hygiene is concerned.


We could probably say there are no hard and fast rules in preparing food during a fishing trip as anyone can make a choice. One rule could be the best for you but not for the others. It’s just a matter of what one is used to. This post aims to give you an idea on how should you go about your food preparation during fishing.Did you find this article helpful? Hit like and share to your social media accounts. It’s good to spread the word.

What To Eat On A Fishing Trip?
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