5 Easy Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Camping

Are you fond of camping and hiking? If yes, you may be aware of the fact that summer is the great time to go for trekking. Though in many terms it proves to be a good time, it certainly is a time for annoying bugs.

Most of the hikers see those bugs as an opportunity and keep worms alive for fishing. However, if you think about the mosquito, it is out there just to irritate you. It is not just mosquito’s buzzing, but it also includes that irritation which feels after they bite. Therefore, it is very important that you figure out some ways to keep away those mosquitoes.​

There are many ways out there to get rid of mosquitoes around your campsite. Some of them are natural ways, and rests of them are chemical. Some of these are partially effective, and some of them are more effective than others. However, out of all the possible ways, here this blog includes five easiest way to keep those annoying mosquitoes away from your tent.


1. What is the scent of your body?​

You might have heard millions of times that mosquitoes bite some of the people more. Mosquito magnet often knows Those people. Now, what is there which attracts mosquitoes towards them?

Sometimes people say that it’s their blood type which attracts mosquitoes. However, as a matter of fact, it is their body scent which attracts those mosquitoes. Here, I am not talking about natural body scent. The scent which comes because of the soap, perfume or deodorant they use.

Hence, if you want to keep these itchy mosquitoes away from your campsite then avoid using such products. If you need to use them, then you must choose these hygienic products which have no scent at all.​

2. Find a place on your map which is high and dry.​

You might have learned somewhere that mosquito’s larvae develop in water. It is the reason you find mosquitoes everywhere after the storm. Therefore, it is very important that you find out a place which is not near any standing water.

Such places are surrounded by mosquitoes only. If you will encounter a huge group of mosquitoes, then there is no way you can get rid of them so easily.

Though mosquitoes are everywhere, it is likely that you may find them less at high places. Hence, always look out for places which are high enough and probably dry and not surrounded by standing water reservoirs.

3. Have you thought of trying bug spray?​

You cannot always stay inside your tent to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Everyone wants to roam around and go for hiking. Now, you must be wondering how you can keep these mosquitoes away from your bodies.

The answer is very easy, the bug spray. You can use this spray on your body, and it will create a layer on your skin which will keep these mosquitoes away. You can always try a waterproof bug spray which will not be washed away due to your sweat.

Many people do not prefer such bug sprays because of its chemical compounds. Moreover, some people are allergenic to them. In such cases, you can always try those bug sprays which are made up of organic things like citronella, lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus, patchouli, litsea, and etcetera. You can store homemade repellent using bottled water.​

During a day, you can use those bug spray which can be used on your tent and surrounding when mosquitoes sleep.​

4. Create a bonfire and use a stick of a sage.​

This is a very effective way of keeping those mosquitoes away. Just create small bonfire which does not go out of control. When you create a bonfire, it attracts them, and when they appear closer, heat and flame of the fire burn them. This is a very effective way because after doing this; mosquitoes will not keep buzzing around you.

Additionally, you can do one more thing. All you need is to throw a stick of sage in your fire, and the fragrance of it will keep all the mosquitoes away. Now, you can enjoy the smell of your roasted food because you will not need and mosquito repellent.

5. Pack your camping gear carefully.​

The easiest way to keep those mosquitoes away while sleeping is to use bug net. These nets do not allow and bug to enter inside, and you will be saved from every trouble. This is a smart move. Additionally, pack everything which can come handy in dry bags.

It very tends to impossible to get rid of mosquitoes. However, using above mentioned ways, you can certainly save yourself from that itchiness you may face all the time during camping. Therefore, try out all the above-mentioned ideas and make your camping and hiking time most memorable. Happy camping!​

5 Easy Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Camping
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