Tips on How to Sleep Comfortably in a Honda CRV

Camping expeditions are quite thrilling because you will get to interact with nature, and it also enhances bonding among those individuals involved in the camping activities. When going for a camping spree, one has to be prepared to compromise on the comfort of having all the amenities, ranging from power, and adequate water supply. 

The last thing you would want when camping has to be dealing with a terrible night’s sleep after a long day of hiking. The van may be too roomy, which would make you opt to take another model of car like the Honda CRV for your camping. Let me share with you some tips on how to sleep comfortably in a Honda CRV.


Tips to ensure that you get a Good Sleep at Night In your Honda CRV

Preparation for a sleeping space

Tips to ensure that you get a Good Sleep at Night In your Honda CRV

Remove all the back seats from your CRV to create some sleeping space. If you are not sure how to go about this, there is no harm in seeking aid from an experienced professional. This will help you avoid creating a mess. Clean the inside of the car and get a tarp which you will spread under the sleeping platform.

Get the perfect design

Get a design that will be perfect for your needs and wants. The best design would be one that is simple and light enough to be housed by your Honda. It should also provide room for the creation of compartments in which you can store all your items, including the camp chair, folding table, hiking gear, food, cooking stuff, water and clothes. This way you will be very well organized throughout your camping expedition.

Construction process to assemble the platform

If you are well aware of the design you want for your sleeping area in your Honda CRV, and the supplies and gadgets necessary for the construction process, it will not take you too long to complete the work.

If you can’t manage the construction process, you can always ask for help especially from an expert in woodworking. This way, you can be sure to complete your work on time, and the output would be simply great.

Have the right supplies

Have all the right supplies you need to ensure that you create the perfect design. You will need some hinges, cabinet lid stays, staples, carpet, plywood which has a thickness of three-quarters of an inch and has dimensions which measure three by four.

Ensure that the CRV is secure enough

To secure the cargo area, you can attach D-rings on the inner side of the platform you create to make it stronger.

The final output

Once you are done creating the platform, you can now add the outfitting. You should have a thick enough mattress which is cozy and also thin enough to fold to enable you to access the hatch compartment easily.

I would recommend that you get a futon mattress. There are also other alternatives from which you can choose from such as foam camping pads, foam mattresses, and the inflatable camping pads.

Get some window covering

For privacy purposes, you may need to get your windows covered. Get some curtains for your Honda. Let me help you to be economical when dealing with this. You can buy a huge roll from a home improvement store and cut it into small pieces whose size is perfect for the car windows.

This will keep you warm throughout the night and enhance neatness since no curtain will be flying around.

Only share your CRV with someone you get along with very well

A CRV is not quite roomy, and so you should be ready to share the available space with your camping partner. You two should be close enough to get along easily.

What are the right dimensions for the platform?

To ensure that this platform fits in perfectly in the CRV and allows you to store your items in an orderly way, the right dimensions for the platform are 72 inches in length and a width of 41 inches.

Choosing a Perfect and Safe Sleeping Place

When camping in a new destination, you do not forget to bring a wheel lock to your trailer. And after a tiring day, it is only right that you get a safe place to pack the CRV and spend the night with no worries. This is not an issue to gamble with since your security comes first. Your security plays a major role in ensuring that you enjoy your camping expedition. 

Rest stops

Rest stops are a great place to stop over for the night. Although they do vary greatly, you can still get an ideal place. There are some which close at night while others do not. You can also be lucky enough to get one which has bathrooms where you can freshen up before you retire to bed and before you set out to a busy hiking day.


If you are such a person who is always looking out for your privacy, the trail heads will grant you that. The only real problem is that most of them do not have ample access to water supply or restrooms.


With the tips on how to sleep comfortably in a Honda CRV, your camping has just been made easier. You will no longer necessarily have to carry your tent. This means that all the effort to pitch the tent and to keep it from heating up in the course of the day will no longer bother you. 

All you need is to get your Honda CRV organized, and you will be good to go. With a good structure, you can create enough compartments in which all your requirements for the entire period you will be camping can be stored in an orderly way.

Leave a comment on the article and let us know your thoughts on sleeping in a Honda CRV during camping. If you have any additional information you can share, please state it and help us sleep comfortably and make things better and easier as we convert our Honda CRVs vital “camping gears”. 

If you need clarification on any issue, feel free to make an inquiry. Remember that every day is a learning day.

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Tips on How to Sleep Comfortably in a Honda CRV
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