Surefire Techniques Of Cleaning Your Boat So That It Looks As Good As New

Apart from adding value to your boat by proper protection as well as restoration, regular maintenance and cleaning of the boat can also thwart the spread of any hostile species which can prove to be quite detrimental in the long run.

However, for the majority of the individuals, a clean and tidy boat will provide them with complete peace of mind and satisfaction. In fact, you will be able to keep the craft in an immaculate condition by cleaning it periodically from top to bottom. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some essential guidelines for performing the job of cleaning your boat flawlessly.


1. Clean the boat’s carpet

All of us to walk on the carpet of the boat with our dirty feet and, consequently, it is subjected to tremendous abuse. Sometimes we even accidentally spill some beverage on the carpet. Make use of an electric pressure washer or a garden hose to clean the surface of the carpet comprehensively.

This will help to eliminate dirt from the fibers. It is possible to perform the suctioning of the dirt and water up in the perfect way in case you happen to own a dry or wet vacuum. However, make sure that the carpet is dried thoroughly prior to working with it in case you’re using a conventional vacuum.​

2. Clean the boat bilges​

Clean the boat bilges

Usually, a lot of grime, oil residues, as well as dirt, accumulate in the bilge area. It will be possible to clean the bottom part of the craft with the help of a commercial bilge cleaner without making your hands filthy.

These cleaners are not going to affect any metal, plastic or paint and are therefore completely risk-free. Following this, the filthy water can be sucked up using a wet vacuum or pumped out through the bilge.

​3. Cleaning the outboard engines

Watermarks and oil residue can be responsible for making the engine of the boat grimy. Clean it properly using a brush and a dish soap after spraying down the motor’s outside part with a hose or power washer. A commercial degreaser can be useful for this task for the tough areas. Make use of a coarse sponge to spray on. Clean the unit thoroughly after using a detergent and dry using a towel.​

4. Clean the boat trailer

Tar, bugs and dusty roads can make your boat’s trailer quite dirty. However, you can provide it with a clean look by cleaning it properly. Pay special attention to the bunks and wheel wells while spraying down all the external surfaces using a high-pressure spray. You may also employ a mild detergent like a dish soap using a scrubbing pad.

Take care to rinse that area. Also, you must pay your focus on the wheels as well as the trailer tires. Clean the sidewalls and the rims by using a pad or a small brush. Complete the task by spraying a top quality tire shining foam which will provide the rubber with a brand-new and shiny appearance.

5. Clean the boat hull

It is quite normal for your boat’s hull to endure lots of abuse mainly from the water and the sun. However, these discolorations and stains can be fixed with several easy steps. A proper wash will allow your craft to appear very attractive and its fuel efficiency, as well as handling performance, is also going to be enhanced.

Comprehensive cleaning is definitely the initial step and it is possible to get rid of the surface dirt by using a high-quality power washer over the hull and taking proper care of every nook and corner. It would be a smart idea to make use of a commercial boat cleaner using a soft scrub brush or a sponge while your boat is still wet.

You will come across lots of products for this purpose on the market; however, you should make use of any particular product that is specifically intended for the boats.

The trailer tire rubber of the boat will be restored to a glossy new appearance by using any decent spray-on tire foam. You will be able to prevent any premature aging, cracking, fading and browning by using a tire coating. You can also use gel coats which will act as a protectant for the fiberglass boats.

The sun’s UV rays can cause oxidization. This can be prevented by polishing or waxing using a UV sunscreen which should be applied following every single cleaning. Try to select a product which does not consist of any coarse agent or harmful chemical substance. Also, make it a point to stick to the instructions of the manufacturer while using a wax in order to get the perfect finish.

6. The vinyl boat seats require cleaning as well

The UV rays from the sun are responsible for breaking down the vinyl seats due to exposure which can result in discoloration as well as cracking. You can make use of vinyl cleaners along with added protectants for deep cleaning the seats while offering a “sunscreen” residue at the same time wich will aid in additional protection.

When a material is not able to dry thoroughly, there is a possibility for the development of mildew stains. However, you’ll be able to get rid of this problem using hot water, dish soap as well as a portable deck brush. After it is dried up, make it a point to spray a mildew preventative for minimizing the possibility of any further occurrence.

7. Cleaning the boat consoles


It would be a smart idea to make use of an all-purpose spray cleaner when dealing with glass and plastic in and around the console area of the boat. You can also utilize a moist and soft sponge for rubbing down initially and then complete the task using a dry cloth. A water-vinegar solution employed in combination with a soft piece of cloth will help to keep the electronic gauges and graphs clean and fresh.

However, there is a possibility for the occurrence of fine scratches in case you wipe in a circular motion on the electronic screens and therefore it is imperative to work the cloth only in a particular side-to-side direction


Any angler must take adequate care to clean his or her boat and also maintain it on a regular basis. In case you stick to these simple above-mentioned guidelines, there is every possibility for your boat to appear in the same way as it was when you first purchased it and it will be almost impossible for anyone to even understand the fact that it is already several years old.​

Surefire Techniques Of Cleaning Your Boat So That It Looks As Good As New
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