What are Pop-Up Camper Mattress? How to Use Them

Regardless of where or how you wish to camp, sleep is usually expected to be both restorative and comfortable. Because of this, the proper-sized mattress can certainly go a long way in giving you a relaxed state of mind.

To get the right mattress size, the most recommendable option to acquire the current or trending mattress size. Also, note the available sizes that are often called Full size, Queen Size, King size, Twin Extra long, and California king.

Moreover, it’s important to consider the material utilized to create the mattress. The most common is the memory foam; other materials utilized include latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses, Gel mattresses, air mattresses, water beds as well as dual purpose mattresses or beds.

It’s worth mentioning that a few of these mattresses, although may have the proper size you require, may not be right for use in a camper.


I. The different Types of Pop-up Camper Mattress

The different Types of Pop-up Camper Mattress

1. Twin

For RV’s the twin sizes come in various dimensions. They can even range from 28x75 to 40x80 inches, depending on the type of bed used in your camper. They can be set up side by side as bunk beds even. In fact, they are the same size as your twin beds at home. The standard size for this is 38x75 inches.

Most of the time, twin beds can be found in RV’s, small campers, and pop-ups. Also, these may be a perfect replacement for tables that transform into beds. Instead of sleeping on uneven cushions, a replacement mattress can be an excellent fit so long as you have space when it is not in use.

2. Bunk

A bunk mattress actually fits in with the twin, but it has its own dimensions according to the camper’s layout. It can range between 28x75 and 35x75 inches. You will find these beds in numerous family-friendly RVs like the Jayco travel trailers.

A lot of campers will have various combinations for the bunks. There may be twin on queen, twin on full, twin on twin, and twin on full fold-out couch. If you cannot find your own bunk size, it is possible that you may have to get a truck bed mattress size. These mattresses have dimensions between 35x79 and 42x80 inches.

3. Full

Full RV mattresses are quite similar to a double bed. They have a 54x7-inch dimension. The only difference between these mattresses and home mattresses is that they are an inch wider. You can find these in most RV’s. Many of them have fold-out couches.

4. Three Quarter

A three-quarter mattress is exactly as it sounds; it is three-quarters the measurement of a regular queen sized bed, measuring 48x75 inches. These mattresses and found in RV’s that have unique dimensions or even longer than wider rooms. A three quarter is perfect for guest room that accommodates more than one guest.

5. Queen

In campers, the Queen beds, measuring 60x80 inches, have the same measurement as a domestic bed. These are found in nearly all campers, particularly in the main bedrooms. There are numerous pop-up campers that provide queen beds on each end. Queens provide an ideal space between you and your companion if do not like being too close to each other.

6. Short Queen

The short Queen measures 60x75 inches, which is five inches shorter than a regular bed. These beds can be found in campers that are wider than longer in the rooms, particularly smaller motorhomes wherein space is narrow. These are perfect for people who need more moving instead of foot room.

7. Olympic Queen

The Olympic Queen measure at 66x80 inches; which is six inches wider than the standard bed. These can be found in campers that are wider than longer. It provides you and your companion the perfect space for movement while providing you with the chance to snuggle if it gets cold.

8. King

King beds are quite common in campers, measuring 72 x 75 to 72 x 80 inches, depending on your RV’s width. Most pop-ups have king beds on each end, and they can fit two grown individuals or four children, and even more.

9. Eastern King

Eastern King mattresses are very common in several newer campers. They have a 76x80-inch dimension, providing you with four additional inches in width while the length remains untouched. These are perfect for campers who like to have extra space while they sleep.

Also, they are excellent for accommodating kids who may not like to sleep alone and tend to sleep next to you.

10. CalKing

The CalKing is most common in homes and not so much in RV’s. The CalKing provides you with extra length but less width. These are made for people who may be taller and require additional foot space while cuddling up beside their partner.

It measures at 72x84 inches and is found in campers that have long rooms instead of wide.

II. Pros and cons of pop-up campers

 Pros and cons of pop-up campers

Are pop-up campers perfect for you and your family? A lot of people agree that these campers can be one of the best decisions they can make. Most believe that it was a good decision as it introduced them to RVing and building memorable family activities. To some, it was a bad decision as they spent a lot on something that did not last very long.

The majority of buyers and owners have strong opinions regarding their campers: pros and cons. Supporters talk on how the aptly screened windows enable campers to go deeper into harmony with nature. However, opponents discuss how easily parts break as well as how intricate their set ups can be.

But who should we listen to? Both!

Popup camper Pros

  • Nature: Small pop-up campers can almost always go anywhere. A lot of attractive National Parks have locations made more than fifty years at a time when RV's were smaller. Massive motorhome as well as titanic haulers today can’t fit in numerous National Park campgrounds.
    A certain pop-up can put you and your loved ones in view of the stars or in the sand in several parks. Screened windows enable you to check the wonderful views from just sitting on your couch.
  • Towability and storability: Pop-up campers are towed easily by an SUV or minivan. This means no extra vehicle is needed. You can utilize the one you’ve always used in the driveway. Also, the pop-up will not take up much of your driveway space, leaving the area for vehicles and even a basketball hoop your children always wanted you to set up.

Popup Camper Cons

  • The setup and breakdown: Some people think that setting up can take way too much time. For newbies, the process can be quite complicated: you need to push out and set the beds after raising the rooftop and also secure the canvas. It also has moving components.
  • More setup: Those moving components can occasionally break! In fact, a pop-up camper’s mechanical underpinnings are more intricate than the travel trailers. A lot of fans of pop up campers are handy and do not mind repairing broken roof lifter systems.

A pop-up camper’s price can be an advantage or a disadvantage on the amount you spend. A lot of people spend too much on their first pop-up before deciding to go for an upgrade. This could leave them waterbound, especially if they funded the purchase. And if you purchase an entry-level pop-up or encounter a deal on those that have been utilized, then the price is undoubtedly an advantage.

III. How to choose the best Inflatable Mattress for You

The inflatable mattress you need will depend on everything that was mentioned in this post and the type of comfort you are looking for. While there are a number of luxurious camper mattresses out there, I like something that makes me feel like I’m sleeping at home – it doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious.

I like sleeping on a full RV mattress since it has enough space for me to move or roll around. So ask yourself this question – which type of mattress can provide you with the comfort you need? Are you a queen-sized or king-sized kind of guy or do you want to keep it simple and traditional?

If you’re an avid camper like, then the smaller topper can work well more than the very thick one since you may not have that much space inside your tent of shelter.


Now you know that there are a variety of mattress sizes. Before you purchase any random mattress, you have to ensure that it will fit in your camper first. You cannot have it way too thick for a few campers since they will not close, particularly for pop-ups, and you cannot have them installed too close to the ceiling.

Consider storage and how often you will traveling in it, pricing, as well as picking out of materials. If you think this list if helpful, and know someone who’d love the info, then please do share it.
What are Pop-Up Camper Mattress? How to Use Them
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