Making Your Trip Memorable With Cutting Edge Technology

For time immemorial, humankind has set out across the great outdoors to get a taste of nature and create new memories. Intertwined with the great outdoors is camping and the 40,000 year old skill of fishing, both requiring the use of innovative technologies to do well. Some might argue that a simple hook and line, tarp and pole is enough to do well - but, what can cutting edge technology do to make your trip even more enjoyable?

From underwater fish finding cameras to digitally calibrated fishing poles, there’s a world of opportunity. Join this rundown of some of the best applications of technology in the outdoors today.


Seeing The Sights

Key amongst the things you might seek to do whilst heading into the wild is see the sights. From glorious mountains to grasslands and wildlife, the change of scenery afforded by the wilds is not to be missed. A great way to see these sights is through long-distance spotting equipment - and technology comes into play here.

When it comes to binoculars, hunting binoculars, typically used for shooting, are flexible and great for multi use, innovations have seen new, sturdier glass. This is without trading off magnification and image quality. For capturing the image, 360 cameras represent the newest tech, offering studio-like experiences when on the move and capturing footage - with minimum fuss.

Fishing Augmentation

Fishing is often personified as a battle of wits between fishermen and those intrepid species in our lakes, rivers and oceans. Aiding the battle now are drones. Whilst not aiding with the quiet periods spent waiting for a bite, and the strength and struggle of fighting for your catch, they can drop bait over a larger area - often a tougher part of the game. For the most traditional fishing enthusiasts, this might be a great compromise.

Flexible Solar

Solar panels are an awesome and environmentally friendly way to keep devices recharged out in the wild, especially for sunnier treks. However, they suffer from being cumbersome and inflexible - not great during the cramming period of getting your pack ready for travel. However, companies revealed last year that they had developed both flexible and spray-on solar panels. Small panels can already be held on armbands and socks.

These developments are sure to further galvanize the ability of campers to have comfortable, environmentally sound adaptations that will allow them to enjoy the memories of their trip - both during and after, in crisp detail.

Making Your Trip Memorable With Cutting Edge Technology
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