The Top Ion Ice Auger Reviews for Fishing 2018

Break out your fishing gear and parkas this season– the days of relaxing kayak fishing alone or your preferred fishing partner are over for winter. However, do not fret; the season of fly fishing will be back soon.

Fortunately, this opens up numerous opportunities for one of our preferred fishing types – Ice fishing! While learning to fish on ice is an acquired experience that not all fishing enthusiasts will jump into, we think that there is loads of opportunity for fishing available out there.

As with any form of summer, spring, or fall conditions, you want to guarantee you have the right gear type for your expedition such as ice fishing. Today, we discuss our preferred Augers in 2017.


Aside from a communication device to utilize in case an emergency occurs, there’s no gear more important for the fisherman than an auger.

You want to place the hole in fast with a steadfast piece of equipment that will not fail on you during the drilling process.

You have numerous selections given the apparent ease of a piece of gear meant for making holes.

How do you select an auger for fishing? Well, it comes down to these choices: horse powered versus human powered, blade size, and fuel choice.​

How to Pick an Auger for Ice Fishing

Initially, when buying an ice auger for fishing is whether to select a powered auger or a manual model. The choice comes down to the number of holes you want to drill, the speed of the drilling process, as well as the ice’s thickness.​

Choosing a Hand Auger


Why would not you want to choose a powered auger merely? It’s because of its weight. If you are fishing in an isolated or remote area or one that is not easy to get into, buying a hand auger is ideal.

A hand auger is one-third as weighty as a powered one. And, if you’re ice fishing early in winter when the ice isn’t so thick, as well as if you aren’t drilling too many holes, a hand auger will suffice. It will definitely warm you up.

The price is another reason to choose a hand auger. You can find an excellent hand auger that will set you back not more than $75. An excellent powered auger can cost you three to four times as much. If you want to save, however, choose the light hand auger until you can buy a powered one.

Also, the hand auger is a good pick if you’re ice fish occasionally. There is no reason to spend cash on a powered one if you are fishing only once throughout the entire winter season.

Also, note that if you are fishing for big species and really need that 10-inch hole, the hand auger isn’t the right selection for your case.

Choosing a Power Auger


For loads of ice fishermen, powered ice augers have entirely replaced the hand model. They have become very reliable, and if fishing a lot on ice, and weight or portability isn’t an issue, the powered model is the way to go.

Powered augers have four power sources: four-stroke, two-stroke, battery, or propane.

Two-stroke devices have been utilized to operate power augers for many years. They run on an oil and gas mixture, a reliable pick, and the only real selection available until recently.

For speed, they are unbeatable. However, with new designs and technologies, the two-stroke source is seeing a couple of competition due to its higher maintenance as well as can be harder to run than other picks.

Four-stroke engines do not require a high maintenance, and they’re much easier to run than two-strokers. The newest four-stroke engine cut the ice as amazingly as a two-stroker, and some operate on propane too.

With a four-stroker, cutting the ice is much cleaner, just as quick, and they do not generate the type of smoke released with a two-stroke engine. The downside is that they are costlier than other picks.

The propane-guided auger has become very common the last few years. It has a lower maintenance, and it’s easy to clean, and much quieter than the four- or two-stroke engines. Propane-driven ice augers are very easy to run and have loads of power.

Electric models are useful and, are efficient and quiet with the lithium batteries. If you are drilling within a wheel-house, you will not find a cleaner power source. The silence with which augers operate is a big thing at first ice.

Blade Choices and Types

Ice augers come in various sizes, with the 8-inch and 10-inch being the most commonly utilized sizes. Choosing the blade size comes down to your desired fish size. The larger the hole the better the performance.

Ensuring the sharpness of the blades is critical when you are approaching a new ice fishing season. The regularity in changing blades is all about the number of holes you drill.

You can replace or just sharpen your blades, and sharpening jigs are usually available, though it is cheap to have a professional do the job for you. It is easy to change a blade, adequately easy that you can even do it in the field or at home.

Accessories to the Auger


We would be careless if we did not include a thing or two about auger accessories. The top one accessory is a blade extension.

You don’t want to be out ice fishing in March wherein the ice is extremely thick and discover you do not have sufficient length to finish the hole. When that occurs then good luck locating an extension.

No, you will need to have an extension available before you go into the heavy ice.

The other thing you will want to take into consideration is getting a power head cover if you are utilizing a powered model. Cold weather can make plastic brittle. Thus, a cover can protect the plastic parts. Also, it will protect the exhaust.

The Top 5 Best ice Auger for An Utmost Ice Fishing Experience

1. Eskimo Mako with Quantum 43cc Power for Ice Fishing Auger


This Eskimo Mako Auger comes with a ten-inch auger that is 42-inches long. With a gear ratio of 30:1, it will cut through any thickness of ice you are facing this winter.

It operates on 8000 RPM Viper engine with high performance and is simple to operate. It includes foam grip handlebars and a fingertip throttle control. The two Quantum blades can be replaced.

The Mako operates up in cold weather. It isn’t going to win in a speeding contest, but it is persistent, steady, and slow.

The 42-inch ice auger cuts through the thick ice so well that you will be drawn to drill even more just for the thrill of it. Also, it is simple to keep upright and operates very smoothly.

And, as with any gas-powered ice auger, it takes some holes to drill in, but it’s a workhorse that’ll serve you well for many years to come.

2. ION 40V Max Electric, 8-Inch, with Reverse

Ion Ice Auger Reviews


The 40V Max Electric Auger by Ion is an astoundingly high-performance model that features an 8-inch auger that is 34 inches long.

It also includes a 12-inch extension, bringing its length to 46 inches. At 21 pounds, the Ion Ice Auger is easy to carry and lightweight. It is easy to run as well thanks to its large trigger and wide-spaced handlebar design. It also includes a battery charger.

It can drill holes and a gas auger as well. You will have to keep its battery warm on very cold days when you are not using it – place it in your pockets in or a shack, and it’ll be fine.

The lithium ion battery can last a very long time (and much longer than you would think). You can cut through 30 to 40 holes (two-foot-deep each) on one battery charge. This electric ice auger includes a reverse feature as well, which is a good thing.

3. Eskimo High Compression 40cc with Propane along with 10-Inch Quantum Auger

Ion Ice Auger Reviews


With a 40cc, 4-stroke engine, and high compression as well as a 10-inch ice auger that is 42 inches long, you will be the envy of other ice fishermen with the Eskimo Auger.

It also includes an auto-prime fuel system, so you just turn the switch to “ON” and begin drilling. The Eskimo auger’s beauty is that it’s both powerful and lightweight.

With its high ratio of compression, this auger consumes ice as though it was butter, and it is a reliable piece of gear.​

It has enough power for the thickest ice as well and has no gas fumes, which makes it a perfect choice for drilling indoors.

4. Strike Master Ice Auger Lazer Hand Auger

Ion Ice Auger Reviews


You are going to be shocked at how fast this ice auger puts a hole in the ice. The Strike Master Auger lazer features powder-coated paint to decrease the ice build-up, stainless (chrome-alloy) steel blades, as well as an ergonomically made handle with very soft rubber grips.

Its handle can be adjusted between 48 and 57 inches, so it has room for different ice thicknesses and heights of fishermen. It has a precision instrument quicker than you’d expect it to be.

You aren’t going to want to utilize any of such auger on holes bigger than six inches unless you’re in good shape or have an available helper.

With that said, the blades on the Lazer perform a fantastic job – it’s fully capable of allowing you to cut through 15-inched of ice in approximately one minute. Also, it cuts very smoothly and creates a pleasant backup for the powered auger.

If you want something that’s portable and you’re fishing for perch or sunfish, this is an ideal hand auger.

5. Strike Master Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

Ion Ice Auger Reviews


If you want to take a trip and fish, the Strikemaster Mora auger is ideal for this activity. It features steel blades with high alloy carbon as well as powder coated paint to decrease ice build-up much like its fellow auger, the Lazer.

Ergonomically designed handle system and soft rubber grips make this auger pleasant to use. Its handle can be adjusted from 48 inches to 57 inches. Its two-piece design allows its easy transport and storage. And it also features a blade guard.

Also, the Mora is a remarkable auger that drills fast and effectively. It is worth buying the adaptor with the drill; however, unless you decide to drill a dozen holes, you will likely find that this auger alone does an incredible job.

It also takes a little effort to run and does very well with 6-inch holes. The 8-inch version eats ice as though it was butter, though if the ice is quite thick, it’ll give you some workout.

Final Thoughts

Ice fishing is an exciting time of the season for any enthusiast of angling, and we think it is an amazing experience to try outing providing you have the right guidance and taking care during the very first expedition.

Seasoned Ice fishermen know that this activity is riskier than the traditional stream, river or lake fishing and per se, we always suggest that you should tap into numerous resources to get somebody with a high experience level in ice fishing.

We hope you have appreciated our summary of one of the most important pieces of equipment for any ice fisherman. If we missed a model that you think belongs on this list, feel free to comment and let us know.

Here’s a video on Ice Augers for fishing for your viewing pleasure:​

The Top Ion Ice Auger Reviews for Fishing 2018
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