A Guide to Camping with Dogs

There are fewer things better for dog-owners than going camping with their four-legged friend. Camping with your dog is an amazing experience, as your pet has the freedom to run around in the open taking in everything nature has to offer.

It’s something that can be done with just you and your dog or as part of a family vacation. When going solo with your pet, you’ve got some much-welcomed companionship, while taking your pet along for a family camping trip means the kids have someone to play with.

However, before you go camping with your dog, it is important to take the time to prepare for the trip. Travelling and camping with a dog is certainly a fun experience, but things can get rather stressful if you’re not adequately prepared.

From finding a suitable camping spot to knowing what supplies to bring, there is a lot to consider when preparing to go camping with your dog. Check out the guide below for all the info you need for a great camping trip with your dog:


Supply Checklist

Just like you need supplies for camping, so too does your dog. There are some items that aren’t essential but may be worth bringing along, while there are some things that you should certainly bring for your dog

So, be sure to create a supply checklist before you go, taking the time to get everything you need for your dog to have a safe and fun camping trip. Your supply checklist should include the following:

Enough food and water for the entire trip. Some campsites have water supplies but it’s still good to have water for travelling and emergencies, and you’ll need a good supply if camping in the wild.

  • check
    Collar and contact information should your dog go missing
  • check
    Sleeping pad and blanket to keep them warm in the tent
  • check
    Poo bags for cleaning up after them
  • check
    Plenty of their favourite treats!
  • check
    Water bowl (preferably collapsible for taking on the go)
  • check
    Spare blankets
  • check
    First aid kit and copies of medical history in case of an emergency

Also, if you have a small dog it may be worth bringing their crate. This gives you somewhere to keep them out of mischief and makes travelling a bit easier. If you’re camping somewhere cold, don’t forget to bring a coat too!

Where to Camp 

There are a few options for a camping with your dog. The most obvious is going to one of the many campgrounds across the country. With countless dog-friendly campgrounds, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find somewhere suitable for your camping trip.

However, be mindful that not all dogs are suitable to take to a campsite, especially if they aren’t great around other pets and people. If you are unsure whether camping is suitable for your dog, try camping in your yard overnight to see how they behave.

Wild camping is a great option for dogs that love to run around and explore, as well as any pets that are better suited for camping alone. It offers the chance to get back to nature with your furry friend, and you can be sure they will adore the time outside.

Just make sure it’s legal to camp in the wild and to be fully aware of any wild animals you and your dog might encounter in the wild!

Find a Dog-Friendly Campground

There are countless camping grounds that welcome dogs, so take the time to research any nearby to your location. It’s never a good idea to assume a campground is dog-friendly, as the last thing you need is to show up and find you can’t bring your dog.

Therefore, it is always recommended to look for a few dog-friendly campsites before you go anywhere, as it ensures you and your pet get to camp together. Camping with other dogs is a great experience for you and your dog, so be sure to check out campgrounds that are suitable for dogs -there are plenty out there

Get Training Again

If you’re going camping with your dog for the first time, it is a good idea to refresh some training commands that may be more necessary when camping. For example, you will be recalling your dog more than often, so going out in a large space to practice this before you camp is well worth it.

Be Mindful of Campground Etiquette

If camping at a campground site, make sure your dog isn’t disrupting anyone else or their pet. Always be consider of other campers and their pets, which is why you should always refresh their training to ensure they are on their best behaviour.

You don’t want your dog to constantly bark, as this is very inconsiderate to others camping, especially during the early mornings, so make sure you keep on top of this. Should you have your doubts about keeping your dog quiet and restrained, then perhaps avoiding a campground is a better option.

Don’t Let Them Out Your Sight

This is a no-brainer for most owners, but it’s worth emphasising that you should never let your dog out of your sight when camping, even if you’re not at a campsite. The reason is simple - you never know what your dog might encounter when camping.

From stuff they shouldn’t be eating to other dogs, there are many reasons to constantly keep an eye on your dog. This is especially true around other dogs, as you don’t know how they might react to your pet.

Therefore, you may want to bring a tie out stake to secure them outside of the tent or RV. It’s great for keeping them secure when you are doing other things, such as cooking, as well as giving you a short break from keeping an eye on them when off the leash.

Avoid Over Indulging

It is easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit by feeding your dog all manner of treats but try to maintain as much of a regular feeding habit as possible. This ensures there are no unexpected accidents, as feeding them too much often disrupts toilet habits, not mention keeping them from stinking out the tent!

Of course, feeding them a scrap or two from the barbecue is okay, just try to avoid overindulging!

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A Guide to Camping with Dogs
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