Green Mountain Grill vs. Taeger Pellet Gril– Which is better?

I. Introduction

Green Mountain and Traeger are two of the top pellet grills that are highly recommended by the experts. If you have tried browsing for information on pellet grills, you probably have encountered these two brands.


Traeger Pellet Grill

Since releasing the original pellet grill in 1987, Traeger has become one of the biggest names in pellet grilling. Using wood pellets to efficiently create quality wood fire, these grills are perfect for anyone who wants to smoke, bake, and barbecue with wood fire flavour.

Traeger makes several different models and a couple that we’ve included in this post are Traeger Lil'Tex Elite Grill, Bronze and Traeger Texas Elite 34 Series Grill; both very popular brands.

Green Mountain Pellet Grill


The Green Mountain grill is an all-in-one, computer controlled outdoor appliance. These items are famous for their smart temperature controls for slow or fast cooking which can be Wifi controlled. Such versatility results in different flavours that barbecue fans love.

Among the different Green Mountain models, we reviewed the most popular - Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill.

The Rivalry

Green Mountain stepped in when the patent on the pellet grill of the Traeger Company expired. Being a giant company itself, Green Mountain rose up to the occasion as Traeger’s competition. As the two leading companies of pellet grills, Green Mountain and Traeger are often compared to each other.

With such an intense competition at hand, which among these two favourite grills should you buy? Just like you, I want my investment to count because these grills are expensive. That’s why I did a lot of research and shared my findings here with you.

II. Green Mountain Pellet vs. Traeger Pellet Grill - Comparison

Green Mountain Pellet vs. Traeger Pellet Grill - Comparison

The functionality of the Grill

Regarding functionality or performance, Green Mountain gets most of the good reviews. The brand features Sense-Mate or a thermal sensor that is incorporated into the grill that cooks excellent barbecue and prevents your cooking from getting burnt.

Traeger was also reviewed for good performance. The grill cooks the barbecue well so that all flavors fuse excellently to satisfy the palate. Unfortunately, many would not rate Traeger as the top grill among its many competitors.

Heat Control

The heat is a principal factor in choosing a grill. Green Mountain gives off high-temperature heat for a variety of grilling options. The grill, specifically, cooks the meat well producing tasty barbecues. The temperature can be adjusted in increments of 5 degrees.

Meanwhile, Traeger has poor heat control with increments of ±20 degrees. Many users complain about the poor control of Traeger grills because of the lack of thermal sensors. The tendency is, you would have to watch over your grill to avoid burning your barbecue constantly.

Size and Surface Area for Cooking

Traeger grill is larger than the Green Mountain. It could cook three racks of ribs and two chickens simultaneously. Traeger approximately measures 300 square inches. It is perfect for grilling for a lot of visitors.
The Green Mountain measures 219 square inches, giving it less grilling space but more portability potential for the user.

Energy Efficiency

Consumers nowadays are looking into the energy efficiency of almost all products that they buy. Green Mountain and Traeger both use the same amount of energy for grilling the same amount of barbecue.

Green Mountain may use fewer pellets because of its smaller size compared to Traeger. However, the energy consumption is pretty much the same.

In both models, energy is produced by the burning of the pellets to produce a high quality wood fire grill with optimum energy consumption. They offer automatic temperatures to make grilling, baking and cooking more efficient.

Durability and Build

Green Mountain is designed for heavy-duty grilling. The grill is made of sturdy material, and the built is strong making it a long-lasting grill. Compared to its competitor, Green Mountain surpasses Traeger in the sturdiness of structure and build.

Original models from Traeger are also very durable. However, the old models are rare in the market. The more recent ones are still bestsellers in the market but not as tough as, the older models. Compared to other brands, however, the latest Traeger grills, are stronger.

III. Green Mountain vs. Taeger Models




The Traeger Lil'Tex Elite Grill, as the name implies, is space-saving. Many consumers would think that Traeger grills are only fit for those living in large homes or those with large backyards. This Traeger grill, however, is much smaller than the full-size ones.

Aside from being smaller, it also cooks better with its digital controller. With this feature, you can adjust the grill temperature like a regular oven. You can choose the low temperature or the highest temperature. The grill can easily be moved because the two legs have wheels while the other two are solid.

Cooking and cleaning this grill is also convenient because the surface is coated with porcelain. You can wipe off the dirt with ease. The ash from the grill also falls off into a bucket so you can easily throw the dirt away after cooking.

The grill hopper also allows you to choose between using wood pellets for the fuel or electronic heat. The grill measures 418 sq. Inches enough to cook for a family.


The Traeger Texas Elite 34 Series Grill is one of the best products from Traeger. The model also features an easily adjustable digital controller. The knob can be adjusted just like your regular oven. You can choose the perfect temperature for your cooking needs.

You can turn on the knob to low temperature or high temperature cooking your barbecue to perfection. The grill also gives you the option of using wood pellets or electronic ignition. For quick and convenient cooking, you can turn on the electronic ignition.

You can also choose to cook your barbecue using wood pellets in getting that smoky taste. The hopper is large enough to accommodate wood pellets for cooking for long periods. You can easily clean off the ash from the ash bucket after you using the grill.

The grill grates are coated so you can easily clean off the dirt. The grates can be adjusted closer to or away from the heat depending on your choice of meat or vegetables to cook or depending on how well done you want your food cooked.

Green Mountain Grill



The Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is ideal for all grilling needs at a lower cost. The grill features three adapters. One adapter can be plugged into a 110V power outlet anywhere inside the house.

One adapter can also be plugged into a 12V power outlet found in cars and trucks for outdoor grilling. The grill, like the more recent grills from Green Mountain, boasts of Sense-Mate sensors that can detect temperature changes. This feature makes cooking easy because the grill automatically adjusts the heat if the temperature is too low or too high.

The grill features a press-button ignition that makes cooking easy. The system turns on or off with a click of the button. The grill also boasts of foldable legs that you can put down or up. You can fold down the legs so the grill can stand on its own or you can put them up and use them to carry the grill for transport.

That is not all. The most popular feature of the Davy Crockett is its nine-pound hopper. It can hold different types of pellets for your optimum cooking convenience. The hopper can also be connected to an app through Wi-Fi. The app allows you to control the settings of the grill with ease.


The Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI enabled is the perfect choice for outdoor cooking. It is the perfect grill that you can bring on your camping trip or cookout at the beach.

This grill also features a nine-pound hopper that can accommodate different types of pellets for long periods of cooking. The hopper also comes with storage that automatically puts the wood pellets on the grill. The grill area measures 219 sq. Inches were allowing you to cook for a large group of people or your family.

Like the previous model from Green Mountain, this Davy Crockett can also be connected to an app through Wi-Fi. You can easily download the app to your cellphone or laptop. With the app, you can easily adjust the settings of the grill such as the ignition, temperature and cooking time.

The grill can cook food at a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 500° Fahrenheit. The legs can be folded down or up and used as handles for transport. The grill also contains which you allow plugging into wall sockets, generator outlets or cigarette lighter sockets.

Traeger vs. Green Mountain – The Verdict

Traeger and Green Mountain are formidable companies with top-of-the-line grills. Both brands offer a variety of features and options for your cooking needs. Aside from grilling, users of the Traeger and Green Mountain can also bake smoke and roast food.

Traeger remains the most established company that sells pellet grills. Many consumers make Traeger their top pick. However, Green Mountain also remains competitive by offering consumers with good deals.

Quality-wise, both brands have top-notch pellet grills to offer compared to cheap brands that are now being sold in the market. The grills from both companies are, generally, not high end. But, they are worth the price.

Green Mountain surpasses the Traeger in technological advancement because it allows users to connect to the grill and adjust the settings through an app. The Traeger, meanwhile, remains competitive in quality and builds for portability and a variety of uses.

For optimum portability, the Green Mountain grills are highly recommended. For in-house cooking or cooking for large crowds, the Traeger is a perfect choice.

Have you decided from between Traeger and Green Mountain? You can read the article once more to help you decide which is best for you. We also welcome your comments so we can help you decide.

Aso, here’s a video with more information about Traeger and Green Mountain Grill:


Green Mountain Grill vs. Taeger Pellet Gril– Which is better?
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