How to Buy Fishing License Online

A fishing license is an essential item anglers need to bring every time they go out fishing. The process of getting isn’t costly – it’s easy and affordable.

The rules and regulations for getting a fishing license vary among states. So you need to check out your State’s Fish and Wildlife Department of Natural Resources.

One common misconception is that you only need to take a test to get a license and that is not so. In most states, you are required to have a fishing license to fish in public reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and streams.

The average cost per license is about $25 and most states don’t require a license for those under the age of 16. Licenses can typically be obtained daily, short-term, annual and sometimes on a lifetime basis. And in most cases, it can be purchased online.

And by purchasing your license, you are helping to conserve your state’s aquatic natural resources today and for generations to come.​


Why is it Important to Buy a Fishing License?

  • Purchasing a license online is very easy.
  • Affordable licenses – some states provide a discount or free fishing licenses.
  • The fishing license applies to many places including streams, rivers, public fishing lakes, and freshwater reservoirs.
  • You are giving something back to the state’s conservation programs such as fishing education, habitat protection, and fisheries management.
  • The rules in each state are a bit different from the other when it comes to getting a fishing license. It is important to learn when you will need a Fishing License.
  • You are preserving, protecting and enhancing the culture of fishing for the present and future generations.

Check out this video on how to get a fishing license:

The Consequences of Having No Fishing License

Recreational anglers are advised to have the present fishing license when fishing within any state – literally in any waters.

A fishing license is required for all kinds of saltwater and freshwater fishing activities, including prawn netting, shellfish gathering, spearfishing, and angling.

Fishing licenses can be opted for in virtually thousands of outlets or more, including tackle shops and bait, Kmart stores and fishing licensing offices.

You can also get a fishing license online too. Your state should have a licensing office available.

Fishing licenses vary in between states although most fishing license fees cost:​

  • $75 - 3 years
  • $30 - 1 year
  • $12 - 1 month
  • $6 - 3 days

Most of the money people spend for buying a fishing license can be used to improve recreation fishing everywhere.


How to Buy Fishing License Online
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