Different kinds of Family Tents For Camping

Camping is always an exciting event to participate with family and friend. It can give loads of fun and adventure while you remain away from your home in the countryside close to a forest or at higher hilly areas. When it comes to camping, having the best-suited tents are important. This will not hamper the fun element during camping. There are several types of tents for camping, which include for individual backpackers and also for a family to stay together in a tent and have a good time.

One can find the family tents for two people to the camping tent for 10 people as well depending on your needs. There are several types of family tents available in the market both online and brick and mortar store. This means you can find camping trends for families as per their broad range of requirements giving you the best comfort without getting the congested feeling. This means the camping tents for families can even give you the required amount of privacy and other features that can add good feeling.


If you are new to the camping thing then finding the right tent would be a daunting experience for you. The domain of tenting has witnessed a sea change in the recent times. They are light and could be easily carried out by the backpackers. The days of having several people to erect the heavy and big camp are gone now we have light and sporty camping tents, which can be easily transported from one place to other. Now, let’s check the kind of tents you have to choose from, have a look as under:

The common tent shapes – When it comes to common tent shapes, there are several of them found on the market. These include Ridge/A-frame, tunnel shape, dome shape, geodesic shape, cabin basic, pyramid shapes, tents for festivals, families and car parking. The list goes on and it has others as well as the Multi-room tent, Pop up/instant tent, Inflatable, Backpacking tent, Tents for wild camping and hiking, Bell tents, Tents for luxury camping and glamping, Bivy tent, Specialist tents, Suspended tents, Roof top tents, Tipi and Canopy.

Camping Tents for Family

Camping Tents for Family

When it comes to camping tents for family, there can be several of types, some of these are discussed below, let’s check them:

Multi-room tents

These types of camping tents are the ideal camping tents for family camping. This is perfect when you are camping in a group of a large number. These types of camping tents are also good for car camping as well and help you stay comfortably for a couple of days. However, even if you are camping for a single family, then this can be a good idea. Generally, the families with four members too find it perfect to the ones with 8 or 10 members too can enjoy with this camping tent option for a family since you would be able to get extra space and the required privacy as well.

The features of the multi-room tents are as under:

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    The capacity of the tent: 4 to 10 people
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    Shape – Common the shape of these tents are cabin or tunnel

The camping tent has several features, which include enough of space to stand up and sit, apart from having multiple entrances along with having ample porch or vestibule in it. Also, you can find enough of space to store your luggage and bags as well along with getting features like the internal room dividers as well.

Inflatable tent

This is a new addition to the list of camping tents for a family. Though it may not be suitable, all the types of camping conditions yet are regarded as the perfect for the family camping that can be used for a wide range of events especially when you are looking for the minimum pitch time.

The basic features of inflatable tent are as under:

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    The capacity of the ten - 1 – 10
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    The common shapes of tents - Cabin, tunnel/ geodesic

The other desirable features of this tenting camps for family include simple to erect and dismantle it. These are simple to carry as very much packable, you can find with several inflatable beams rather than the poles. It come along with pump and the required repair kit for the same. So, with these features, you can find the inflatable tent to be a perfect camping tent for families.

Pop up tent

The next most suitable camping tents for a family is the pop-up tent. The following are the essential features of these tents:

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    The Tent capacity - 1 -6 people
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    The common shapes of these tents - Dome or tunnel

The other desirable features you can get with these types of camping tents for a family are many. These are very much affordable apart from being lightweight, and these are simple and faster to erect and dismantle. This type of tent come along with features like a porch, and it is known to give a proper ventilation as well. So, with these features, it becomes an ideal camping tent for the families along them to participate in different kind of camping events.

Choosing the right Camping tent for family

When it comes to choosing the camping tent, you need to be smart enough to get the best. The following are some of the basic things to consider while buying a camping tent for a family, have a look.

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    Quality Matters - Choosing the right camping tent for a family would depend upon several features. First things first, check the quality. The higher the quality, the better would be the results in during the rainy and windy camping. The rain and wind are considered to be the biggest enemy of tents. However, choosing the high-quality tents would help you in getting proper sustenance during the rain or wind.
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    Take one size higher – A majority of family tents are known to hold around 6 people in it, however, always consider the one with one size bigger than you plan to buy. This will give you extra space with a small room in the tent for your personal things. As an average you need 30 square feet per family member, which can accommodate six people easily.
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    Camping with Easy Construction: Consider a camping tent for family consider the one that can be easily installed and dismantled. This can reduce your time in making or dismantling it. Thus the ease of construction and dismantle are the key factors to consider.

So, when you are you getting the one of your choice?

Different kinds of Family Tents For Camping
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