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What are Pop-Up Camper Mattress? How to Use Them

Regardless of where or how you wish to camp, sleep is usually expected to be both restorative and comfortable. Because of this, the proper-sized mattress can certainly go a long way in giving you a relaxed state of mind.

To get the right mattress size, the most recommendable option to acquire the current or trending mattress size. Also, note the available sizes that are often called Full size, Queen Size, King size, Twin Extra long, and California king.

Moreover, it’s important to consider the material utilized to create the mattress. The most common is the memory foam; other materials utilized include latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses, Gel mattresses, air mattresses, water beds as well as dual purpose mattresses or beds.

It’s worth mentioning that a few of these mattresses, although may have the proper size you require, may not be right for use in a camper.

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RV toilet paper — In What Ways Can It Help?

An outdoor escapade can only get better when you have a cool recreational vehicle to ride around with. It’s always a treat to spend quality time with your friends and family through RV adventures. However, one the questions people stumbleupon most is what toilet paper to use inside an RV.

Today, we will answer this question in detail as we tackle how different is RV toilet paper from the ordinary one in terms of boarding a recreational vehicle.

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Should You Switch from Camping Tents to Hammocks?

Most campers and travelers get confused when they go out exploring and decide on camping. Camping can be fun and exciting. You can sleep under the trees, beside the sea, on the summit of a mountain, and anywhere you want to be in. With all these choices, most people can sometimes be confused and have a hard time deciding whether they should bring a camping hammock or a tent.

In recent years, a hammock has turned into a popular alternative to the usual camping tents. With this topic comes the debates and the questions in regards to which is better?

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5 Interestingly Perfect Camping Games For Adults: Fun For All Ages

Camping never fails to bring out the little kid inside of everyone. This is why most of us still prefer going outside to enjoy mother nature instead of staying at home during vacation breaks. If you’re interested in making these outdoor trips much better, try camping games for adults.

We have compiled a list of games that fit fully-grown adults who want to turn back time for a couple of nights and be​​​​come the little camp-loving boy or girl they once were. Camping games for adults are the perfect way to achieve this feeling. Take a look.

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7 Easy Methods on How to Heat a Tent

A tent, some necessary tools or equipment of an adventurous heart, that’s all you need to enjoy camping whether in the mountains or the woods. Camping is the most enjoyable and exciting experience that everyone should try. It lets you explore new places that you’ve never been to, learn different values, and sharpens your survival skills as well.

After a long hike from the mountains or woods, you need some warm and nice place to snuggle, to be comfortable, and rest your tired body as well. Ensuring the safety, warmth, and coziness of your tent is very important; you don’t want to get hypothermia or to have a freezing place to sleep especially during winter or cold spring.

So to help you with that, in this article I will show you some useful ways on how to heat your tent.

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How To Weatherproof A Tent: 5 Easy Steps You Need To Know

Are you in a situation that you need to weatherproof your tent? If you are, then you’re lucky because I’ll teach you how to weatherproof a tent in just 5 easy steps. It’s actually smart to weatherproof your own tent because buying a new one might cost you a few hundred dollars.

Why weatherproof your tent? The answer is simple- to protect you from any kind of bad weather, especially rain. I actually did mine a few weeks back and the result was satisfying. For complete instructions, keep on reading.

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How Hot Is A Campfire: Everything You Need To Know

Surely, in your long experience in camping, you might have asked yourself this question - how hot is a campfire? Hearing stories of how a campfire burn a forest makes you think that campfires are no joke. Its maximum temperature may be too high that you should be careful when making one in your outdoor adventure.

I’ve been a camper for a long time now. In my observation, the temperature of a campfire may be influenced by several variables, like the type of wood and airflow. I’ll try to talk about these factors and answer the ultimate question.​

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How To Identify A Copperhead Snake In 5 Steps

The outdoor life is amazing, fantastic, and breathtaking! Nothing beats the view of the rising sun and the starry night outside the bustling cityscape. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course, you do! Can you smell the fresh outdoor breeze?

Aside from the majestic view, you know what else is breathtaking? A snake! A snake just a few feet away from you may give you a mini heart attack! If it comes closer, it can literally (in a case of a venomous snake), take away your breath! You don’t want that! Do you?

Most of us don’t want those snakes to touch us or at least get near to us! In many cases, these snakes don’t match an adrenaline pumped human. These snakes, venomous or not, are axed and beaten to death. But if you know how to identify a copperhead snake, you just need to walk away from it or shoo it away.

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The Camping Checklist You Need To Know !

Going on a camping trip is exhilarating! Just the thought of it makes your heart beat faster! Nothing beats the great feel of the outdoors! Imagine the color of the sky as it changes throughout your journey. Imagine the crackle of leaves as you walk and tread the mountains. The smell of fresh air is relaxing!

Then, here comes the night. As get settled, you put down your bags and set up your tent. Now, it’s time for dinner, and you and your friends sure are hungry! Oh! You’re tasked to start a fire! You grab your bag and search for your lighter. Unfortunately, you don’t have it! You left it at home! Just beside your flashlight! Oops! You forgot them both!

But you’re not worried. You know how to make a fire! You just need some firewood and dried leaves, and friction! Wood and leaves are everywhere! Now, you reach for your pocket to get your knife to cut and split some wood to its right size. Unfortunately, you also left it!

That, my friend, is the reason why you need a camping checklist before you go out! Let me help you make a list, so that next time, you will not forget the important stuff!

What are the most important things you must have on a camping trip? Here’s some stuff you need to include on your list and why you need them.

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How to Find a Perfect Place for Camping

There are many factors that make up good camping, from choosing your company wisely to knowing what to bring without burdening yourself with unnecessary trinkets. Of course, you need the experience to nail an awesome camping adventure, but it can be done if you’re willing to learn.

One of the very first things to think about when it comes to pitching your tent somewhere in the great outdoors is the location of your campsite. Finding a perfect spot to spend a couple of days in nature taking care of everything isn’t as easy as finding any place and just calling it dibs. There are many aspects to take into consideration and I want to talk about them and how they will help you to find a perfect place for camping.

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