A Helpful Guide In Selecting The Best Weight Distribution Hitch

Ever wonder what brand of distribution hitch gives more value to your money? Look no further because, in this article, we’ll review the best weight distribution hitch available on the market today. All products are rated and reviewed based on the features that we’re looking for.

If you’re not familiar with a weight distribution hitch, let me give you an overview. This system connects your vehicle and the trailer to avoid swaying while in transit. To learn more about this safety system and select the best product for your needs, keep on reading.


1# What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch​

A weight distribution hitch lets you use the maximum towing capacity of your hitch. It helps give you a smooth, level ride while towing a heavy load on your trailer. When built with a sway control, it helps stop the swaying of the trailer while in transit.​

You can appreciate the function of this system when riding during a bad weather or in any rough conditions. Whether your truck is a midsize, heavy-duty, or 1/2 ton, it needs a weight distribution hitch when carrying a trailer.

2# When Do You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch​

When Do You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch

A weight distribution hitch repositions and reinforces the link between your vehicle and the trailer. You would likely take advantage of this system if :​

  • Your trailer weight is heavier than your vehicle’s weight
  • The rear of your vehicle sages when the trailer is connected
  • Your trailer sways
  • The headlights of your vehicle moves upward
  • You want to use the maximum capacity of your vehicle’s trailer hitch
  • Steering or stopping your rig is a bit difficult

Determine The Weight Ratings

There are two  weight ratings that you need to determine- the gross trailer weight (GTW) and the tongue weight (TW).


The GTW pertains to the weight of your fully loaded trailer. This can be measured by putting your packed trailer on a vehicle scale. Your choice of weight distribution system should have a rating that meets or surpass the GTW.


The TW weight rating is the sum of your trailer TW and the weight of the cargo behind your vehicle. The trailer TW is normally measured by a tongue weight scale. Meanwhile, the weight of cargo is the difference between the weight of your loaded vehicle and the weight of your unloaded vehicle.

This weight rating might be the most significant factor in knowing which size weight distribution system you should choose. If the bars have a higher rating for your setup, then it will cause your trailer to bounce. If the bars have an insufficient rating, then the system will work ineffectively. To select a system based on the TW rating, select the weight that is nearest without going over to your computed TW rating.

Decide Which Type Of Spring Bars You Want

There are two styles of spring bars that you can choose- round and trunnion.

Round Bars.

Round bars are your best bets if clearance space is your issue. This style of spring bars usually provides a slightly more clearance space for connecting the trailer. They slide up into the head and are secured with clips.

Trunnion Bars.

The trunnion bars, on the other hand, can increase the weight rating of your weight distribution system.I recommend going with the trunnion bars because they slide into the head from the back or the side resulting in a better ground clearance.

This spring bar style also offers extreme strength because they’re tapered and hot rolled. If all you can find are round bars, make sure that they’re tapered for durability.

What To Look For

Via: http://www.tundratalk.net

Sway Control

A sway control feature is built in most weight distribution systems to make them more efficient. This feature helps control sway as soon as it starts by making adequate resistance to keep your trailer in line. If you want to add a sway control device later, you’ll likely end up with a bar-style friction type.


A warranty is much desired because it gives you peace mind in case your unit stops working. A one-year warranty is commonly offered but if you can find something longer, then go for it. Oftentimes, a longer warranty may sometimes mean durability because a manufacturer won’t offer if it’s not confident with the quality of the product.


The best weight distribution hitch should be durable. You should want one that’s made of rugged steel and coated with a durable powder finish to resist rust. For extra strength, make sure that the spring bars are tapered and hot rolled. The components should be forged to provide long-term durability.

Easy To Install

Select a model that only needs you to install shortly. Anything longer than 30 minutes is already inconvenient. Also, look for pre-installed components so you can use the unit straight out of the box.


An expensive price doesn’t always mean the best. You should know what features you need so you can maximize the functionality of a weight distribution hitch. As much as possible, look for a model that offers the best features at the least price.

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3# Setting Up The Weight Distribution Hitch

Begin by aligning the vehicle and the trailer on level ground. You can use a tongue jack to level the trailer. Next, note the height from the coupler to the pavement as well as the uncoupled height at the rear and front bumper to the ground.

Now, install the shank and re-hitch to the vehicle. You can then attach the spring bars with the chains and insert them into the head assembly. When properly assembled, the trailer should be balanced with the vehicle.

If you want full details for the set up of a weight distribution hitch, watch this video​ : 

4# Reviews For The Best Weight Distribution Hitch

1. Husky 32218 Center Line TS With Spring Bars​

Via: Amazon.com

98 %

Our Rating: 98/100

The Husky 32218 is made of forged and hardened steel components to offer extraordinary durability. The hitch ball is already pre-installed and torqued for your convenience. You also don’t need to use any additional hardware because this weight distribution unit already includes a sway control and other necessary components.

I’m fond of its universal EZ Adjust frame brackets because they’re easy to adjust and install. The trunnion style spring bars offer superb strength as well as superior sway control and more ground clearance. Unlike other rival products, the Husky 32218 works silently, lighter weight, and offers an impressive lifetime limited warranty.​


  • Made of trunnion style spring bars for flexibility and strength
  • Includes spring bars, shanks, and handle
  • Compatible with electric brakes and surge brakes
  • Fits a standard 2-inch hitch
  • Pre-installed with sway control to minimize sway
  • Very easy to install with less hardware
  • Offers a lifetime limited warranty
  • The brackets are heavy duty and easy to install
  • Notably lightweight and works quietly


  • A bit expensive
  • The sway control may work ineffectively with long trailers

2. Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight Distribution Kit

Via: Amazon.com

95 %

Our Rating: 95/100

The Pro Series 49903 offers everything you need with sway control for that smooth ride. It’s pre-installed with a torqued sway control ball and two 5/16-inch hitch ball. U-bolts and chains are already pre-installed in the spring bars for easy setup.

The head is fabricated while the hitch bar is welded to offer extra strength. This model seems to be high quality because its manufacturer offers an outstanding 10-year limited warranty. If you take care of it, this hitch will last you for very long.​


  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • Complete with necessary components
  • Pre-installed with sway control for that smooth towing experience
  • Easy to setup with all the pre-installed components
  • Made of welded hitch bar for durability
  • A great value for its price
  • Has a super solid construction
  • Has heavy duty hook up brackets


  • The stinger is undersized because it doesn’t fit the standard 2” receiver
  • May not work properly with surge breaks on a trailer
  • Won’t go low enough for a small lift

3. Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

Via: Amazon.com

94 %

Our Rating: 94/100

The Eaz-Lift 48058 has a maximum GSW rating of 10,000 pounds and a TW capacity of 1,000 pounds. This hitch kit comes complete with necessary components including two 5/16 hitch ball and ball mount to prevent unnecessary swaying of your trailer even in turns. It also includes a clip and bolt package for easy adjustment.

The hitch kit is made from forged rolled steel for durability. While in use, it doesn’t make noise problems and minimize road clearance. A 5-year warranty comes with the purchase for your peace of mind in case it gets destroyed in rough circumstances.​


  • Made of high quality forged steel
  • Supports a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Complete with components and accessories
  • Comes with sway controls for smooth transit
  • The chain package, sway control, and distributing hitch are pre-installed
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with a reasonable price
  • Truly minimizes bounce and sway


  • Some of the components can’t take a beating
  • It may take some time to adjust the hitch
  • The chains may be hard to hook up if you’re a newbie

4. Ultra-Fab Products 35-946226 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

Via: Amazon.com

93 %

Our Rating: 93/100

Just like any regular weight distribution hitch, the Ultra-Fab Products 35-946226 levels the weight between your vehicle and the trailer. It features a 1,00 pound TW capacity and a maximum of 10,000 GTW. It’s constructed of rugged steel and with a sturdy powder coat finish to resist corrosion.​

The round bar design is tapered to provide superb strength and flexibility. An adjustable high low shank is offered to make setup easy. This model comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty to provide free repairs and replacements.​


  • Offers an adjustable high low shank
  • Created of rugged steel for durability
  • Has a tapered round bar design to provide extra strength
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Offers all the essential adjustments and strength
  • The round bars, chains, and the hitch part are well made


  • The hook-up brackets are quite weak because they snap easily
  • You need to purchase the ball for assembly
  • The hitch top seems to prevent the assembly to stay level

5. CURT 17007 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

Via: Amazon.com

92 %

Our Rating: 92/100

The CURT 17007 is built with round spring bars made of forged steel for dependable strength. It’s coated with a powder finish to resist rust and corrosion. You can even adjust the heavy-duty, assembled head to achieve accurate leveling.​

This hitch is pre-installed with sway control attachment tabs to provide a smooth ride. The adjustable shanks fit the standard 2-inch size of receiver tube openings. Meanwhile, the interlocking nuts and bolts offer easy tilt adjustment and reduce the need for dismantling the hitch head.​


  • Made of solid steel for durability
  • Coated with a powder finish for resistance against scratches and rust
  • Built with round spring bars, sway control attachment tabs, and other necessary components
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes at a good price
  • Offers a replacement option for shanks


  • Won’t adjust low enough for an SUV
  • The sway control wings on the side seem to bind on the trailer’s frame causing an inconvenience when making sharp turns
  • Instructions on the manual are a bit confusing

5# Verdict

Drumroll, please!

So, the winner for the best weight distribution hitch is the Husky 32218 Center Line TS With Spring Bars because it has the best features among the bunch. As compared to its rivals, it’s the only hitch made with super strong trunnion spring bars.

It features an outstanding lifetime limited warranty, an effective sway control, and easy to install. Although the price is a bit expensive, it’s not a deal breaker because you get what you pay for.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, write them down in the comment section. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.​

A Helpful Guide In Selecting The Best Weight Distribution Hitch
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