The 5 Best Waterproofing Sprays 2018

There’s something unique when it comes to outdoor sports that you will not find inside a gym. There is something special about getting in touch with nature since we rarely get the time to get a breath of fresh air and sunlight once in a while.

But what if it rains? Well, as long as prepare for it with the right rain gear and waterproofing spray, then you can still enjoy your favorite hobby out in the wild. Yep, you’re right; I’m talking about fishing.

A nice rain gear is a good start, but there you can do a lot more to get yourself set for the incoming weather. While rainy days aren’t completely comfortable, waterproofing your clothing and boots with high-end waterproofing sprays can lessen any discomfort you may feel along the way.


Rainy Days are a Great Time to Go Fishing​


Fish are not afraid of the rain and the rainy days won’t stop them from searching for prey. In fact, they even enjoy it. Trout, for instance, are very active during the rain, especially after an extended period of hot and sunny days.

As insects get swept away into the lakes, rivers, and streams, you can bet on your shit that bass and trout will not miss the opportunity of a good snack. And that significantly increases your chances of catching them.

The Benefits of using Waterproofing, Shoe Protecting Sprays​


Your first line of defense against the rain is the right rain gear. No waterproofing spray can completely protect you against a rainstorm alone – well not if you’re wearing only linen cloth and sandals.

If you have the right rain clothing, then here are several great reasons to utilize waterproofing spray for your clothes and footwear.​

1. Protection against Stains and Dirt


Everybody is familiar with the feeling you get when just bought a new set of gear. Whether it be a new jacket, backpack, a pair of leather boots, we don’t like our stuff to be heavily stained just after using them twice.

Many sports activities would require you to go through nasty swamps and deep mud which is part of the fun. But it would even be more fun if cleaning is easy to do afterward. So one of the main reasons why you should have these repellent sprays is because of dirt and mud.

With a transparent coating layer shielding your gear, the stains won’t penetrate deep into the fabrics, and that should make your gear easier to clean.

2. Keeping Moisture Away from the Fabric

Water-resistance is undoubtedly one of the major reasons why utilizing a waterproofing spray is very important. Our gear could be exposed to water every day, and it could wear them out. Even leather boots will lose their ability to repel water in time, but you easily brick back this ability with shoe protector sprays.

You only need to reapply the spray once every few weeks on your jacket or boots and more infrequently on gears that are not constantly exposed to the elements like tents or backpacks. The spray will not affect the breathability of the materials while effectively keeping the water away.

And since moist and wet materials easily loose breathability, then these sprays are a way of maintaining breathability.

Even better, since soaked up materials loose breathability, sprays can prevent that from happening.

3. Helps Your Gear Last Longer

The ideal waterproofing spray will protect your gear from the dirt and water that may enter deep into the fabric. As a result, these materials become less stressed and last longer. That alone can help you save cash.

How to Utilize Shoe Protector and Waterproofing Sprays

Step 1. It doesn’t matter if you’re using clothing or boots, you must always wash your gear in you’re planning on sealing it. Waders or jackets can go through a soft cycle inside the washing machine, although you can check the manufacturer’s contributions at the back to make sure.

Cleaning will remove all the dirt and grease that can block the pores and prevent waterproof spray from sealing them right.

Step 2. Hang your waders or jackets over a washing line or coat hanger and allow it to fully dry. Regarding boots, you can leave them dry on their own. Don’t expose them to the heater because though they may dry faster that would put more stress on the fabric.

Step 3. Once the jacket/waders are already dry, you can hang them outside and begin spraying on it evenly. Be sure to spray each part of the external part of your gear. When it comes to boots, you must keep the same consistent distance of 1 feet when spraying.

If you are utilizing a product with no propellant, you can then rub it smoothly to the fabric. It’s important to perform the entire spraying procedure outside to prevent inhalation of used substances.​

Step 4. Allow things to dry before applying the second layer. This step is not necessary but it will surely improve the waterproofing effect. After finishing the entire process, the experts recommend that wait at least 24 hours before utilizing the equipment again.

Check out this video to see how you can make your shoes waterproof:

Best Shoe Protection Spray

While the majority of waterproofing sprays can work for virtually all types of fabrics and materials, some varieties were specifically designed for boots and shoes. They cost at least the same but are more resistant to constant exposure to the environment.

If you are hiking through bushes or grass, then your shoes will be beaten more than your other gear. So it would be a wise decision to purchase a separate shoe protection spray.​

The Ideal Waterproofing Spray for Clothing, Boots, and Shoes​

Talk about protecting clothing and boots, and you don’t require huge amounts and expensive brands. There are many affordable items in the market, and they perform well. I use hydrophobic sprays and find it better to use more affordable shoe protection sprays.

I challenge my gear a lot and reseal it at least once a week although there’s not need always to wash them beforehand as long as they are still clean. Constantly doing this procedure should protect the pores from the elements that may enter it – except for the spray that is.

If you’re always out in the rain, then you must have a complete upper and lower gear. These items can help you a lot.

Best Waterproofing Spray For Waders​

Did you know that even waders will lose their ability to repel water? While it’s not likely that water will leak because of it, the outer layer will be soaked up much easily in the process. This is one advantage of weak stain resistance, more weight, more stressed fabric when water gets in.

These are the things you should avoid while fishing because soaked gear can distract you. It is important to constantly renew the hydrophobic coating from your waders now and then, especially after cleaning.​

The 5 Best Waterproofing Sprays​

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent Spray

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Among the favorites of many adventurers and a fantastic waterproofing spray made by Kiwi for your jackets and shoes. It works well on all types of breathable gears like Gore-Tex and leather, without affecting the breathable feature.

It works well not just on leather boots, shoes, and jackets but also on trousers and backpacks. The procedure for applying it is the same as other sprays with repellents. The achieve the best results (hydrophobic effect), the experts recommend using it only for cleaning dry products and give it a rest for 24 hours before using it again.


  • Works well on leather and synthetics
  • Applicable almost everywhere – backpacks, boots, jackets, etc.
  • Odorless


  • Over spraying the material may lead it to look mottled but only because the user overused it.

2. Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield


This item was designed for synthetics. Aside from leather and fabric, the item also provides a heavy-duty water shield for your boat, tent, umbrellas, patio furniture and work gear.


  • Scotchgard is designed for synthetics such as Gore-Tex and for that price, it’s a pretty solid option. If you need a spray for leather boots though, I recommend one of the sprays listed below.
  • Works well on GORE-TEX boots, jackets, trousers, backpacks, and tents.
  • Dries fast
  • Odorless


  • In spite of the claims that it’s odorless, some customers still say that the product smells. But the smell goes away once the substance dries up.

3. Kiwi Camp Dry Boot Protector Spray


Among the most widely known boot protector, the Kiwi Dry Boot Protector can work its magic on hydrophobic, silicone based substances just like wax. It works best on leather boots although it is also applicable in darker leather because it has a tendency to provide white surfaces with a bit of yellow coloring.

Among the most widely known boot protector, the Kiwi Dry Boot Protector can work its magic on hydrophobic, silicone based substances just like wax. It works best on leather boots although it is also applicable in darker leather because it has a tendency to provide white surfaces with a bit of yellow coloring.

It would have a strong smell at first but become odorless as soon as the boots become dry.


  • Works on leather and synthetics
  • Silicone based
  • Dries quickly
  • Odorless


  • The smell can be a bit strong although it would disappear in a day.

4. Star brite waterproofing With PTEF


The Star brite waterproofing spray revives water repellence to almost any marine fabric from bimini tops to boat covers. It’s also the fastest and most efficient means to waterproof convertible tops, foul weather gear, tents, waterproof car covers, and more.


  • Star brite is also fantastic to use over brand new fabrics, vastly extending their lifespan, giving an extra barrier to damaging ultraviolet rays and moisture.
  • It is easy to utilize. All you need to do is spray it and the fabric will be revived. Leave it to dry for 6 hours before using it again.
  • This waterproofing item is safe for use on marine fabrics; even Sunbrella.


  • Some customers say that the item is hostile to other fabrics like pontoon cover. But this is just a case of misusing the product.

5. Silicone Water-Guard


Silicone Water-Guard is best for suede, sleeping bags, tents, footwear and outwear. It is uniquely formulated to bring about maximum repellency in just one application. It reinforces factory waterproofing while maintaining the material’s breathability. It repels stains and water.

The product was specially designed for boots. It becomes odorless the moment it dries after 24 hours. It becomes completely cured in 72 hours.


  • Applicable to leather
  • Revives factory waterproofing
  • Applicable to clothing and footwear
  • Also applicable to suede, sleeping bags, tents, foot-wear, and outwear.


  • Some customers are afraid to use it on their jackets.


Going out on your next adventure, nothing can protect you completely from the elements. But you can keep water from continuously hitting on your gear, especially your footwear. Following the steps we’ve mentioned in this post along with the best waterproofing spray can help protect your gear for the long term.

The best waterproofing sprays are meant to keep you dry during the rainy days. Sometimes, simply wearing a raincoat won’t be enough, especially if you’re going to be out fishing for hours. If it rains and moisture gets inside your shoes, you will not feel comfortable. It would also ruin your gear.​

I hope you enjoy this post. If you think this is useful not just for you but also your friends then share this information with them. Which among the best products would you buy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
The 5 Best Waterproofing Sprays 2018
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