The Best Rain Gear for Fishing – Excellent and Affordable

​If you are an active angler who likes to go out fishing even during the rainy days, then you deserve only the best rain gear for fishing. We know that frequently going out there with your boat on the river could be tough, with rain being a problem.

Thus, you want to invest in something that is durable and waterproofed. Such gear will not only give you excellent insulation for a long period; it would also give you great insulation. Staying dry and keeping warm is a luxury that every angler must experience.

In this post, we will review five of the best rain gear for anglers, with a discussion on what makes a rain gear the best.

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I. The Best Rain Gears

1. Choosing a Rain Fishing Apparel

1.1 Commercial and Casual

There’s no arguing that commercial fishing rain gears are on a whole different level. They may not be as light and easy to store, but they are very durable and efficient in keeping you dry; which is most important of all.

The best gears don’t have to be expensive, and there are brands that are affordable. The best recommendation is always those that are inexpensive but convenient and durable at the same time. They also have a smart design to suit your needs in the fishing area.

These apparels were made to be larger than you might have expected. The reason for this is because they were meant to be worn on your clothing since they can’t produce insulation by themselves.

2.2 Characteristics of High-Quality Rain Gears

  • Breathability and Waterproofness. The high-end rain apparels should have multiple layers of protection and made up of polypropylene material for waterproof protection. That’s the main reason why we buy these materials – to avoid getting wet from the rain.But while waterproofing is important, you must also take breathability into consideration. The high-end models are crafted from breathable materials providing comfort while you are fishing. This feature will keep sweat away and allow the skin to breathe inside the apparel.
  • Durability. Walking on mud, limbs submerged in water, climbing and down the boat, you will meet a lot of obstacles while fishing and your gear will be ruined unless you choose one with a tough construction. In choosing rain apparel, durability should be one of your major considerations. Don’t just go for design and price without checking out the construction.
  • Packable and lightweight. Rain apparel should be easily packed and conveniently stored inside your backpack. You need to be able to bring one anywhere in the fishing area because you just don’t know when it might rain.

The high-end models allow for compression to fit the pack nicely. Rain pants and jackets should also be lightweight because heavyweights might weigh on you as the hours go by. A lighter one would be easier to carry around while you’re fishing.

II. Best Rain Gear Review

Getting the best gear will make a huge difference in your fishing activity. The next section is a review of the five best fishing rain gear on the market today.

1. Coleman PVC


Product Description

This rain fishing gear is manufactured by PVC and works more like an external shell or suit than an insulated jacket. So they can be worn on top of a coat or pants while you’re at it. The 20 mm Nylon is very durable. The item has everything you need to keep yourself dry in the rain. It has Velcro adjustable cuffs, storm flap cover and integrated hood.


  • It has a great waterproofing ability.
  • It has good breathability.
  • The wide openings on the leg accommodate somebody who is wearing shoes.
  • The kit has a compressible carrying back, making it easy to stow inside your backpack or boat.


  • Some customers complained that the gear isn’t ideal for dry weather. But while it isn’t best for dry weather, you probably wouldn’t be using it under the sun anyway.

2. The Onyx-Arctic


Product Description

The Onyx is another item made from nylon (PVC) which can serve as a rainy weather suit for anglers. Manufactured by Arctic Shield, the rain suit comes with a quality material. It has a zipper comes with a storm flap and a hood which can be tightened by a draw cord.


  • The jacket is attractive and not too bulky.
  • It follows a shells style system for enhanced waterproofing.
  • It has good breathability.
  • Caped vents are installed at the front and back, allowing direct airflow and preventing water from getting inside.
  • The waist can be adjusted, and Velcro cuffs will allow the user to tighten the wrists.
  • The wide pants and elastic waists allow you to wear the item even when you’re wearing boots.
  • The pants are built with a pass-through pocket that allows you to access the inside pockets for stuff like your keys and phone.


  • Some customers said the product is not as breathable as it claims to be. But these complaints are very few.

3. Impertech II (Jacket and Pants)


Product Description

The Impertech II is a rain jacket set coated with polyethylene. Helly Hansen is a well-known brand when it comes to all-weather gears. The set is made up of a pant and jacket for a complete rain fishing apparel.


  • Both pants and jacket are extremely waterproof, making them perfect for the fun and wet fishing day along the lake or river.
  • They are built with stretch polyester and a polyurethane coating to shed water from its surface.
  • It has micro-welded seams to keep it dry and comfortable amidst the downpour of rain.
  • The set is stretchable, allowing it to fit in the body and become more coordinated with the body movement.
  • The set has a comfortable material that feels soft to the skin.


  • Some customers said the coat is a couple of size larger than the label but this isn’t really a big issue as long as it does its job well.

4. Grundens Rain Gears (Jacket and Pants)


Product Description

This set by Grundens is among the best when it comes to commercial fishing under the rain. The set comes with a jacket and pants for a dynamic fishing activity during the rainy season. The outer layers of these items have a thick coating (PVC made).

The coat is heavy-duty with an integrated hood that tightens upon adjusting the drawcord. The front zippers are built with storm flaps and the cuffs don’t cramp since they are already reinforced.

The bib and pants are gusseted. The hems on these lowers are reinforced. The hems are wide enough for you to put on boots with no problems.


  • The chin strap protects the face and prevents water from flowing to the chest.
  • The jacket isn’t very tight; they fit well and have great flexibility.
  • It is built with a jetty upper, providing better movement to the arms.
  • Both the pants and jacket are durable that you can use them for rebar and construction.


  • Some customers the product isn’t light enough for their taste. But weight isn’t an issue here because these items are not heavy either.

5. Helly Hansen Nusfjord Foul Weather Fishing Gear


Product Description

Another line by Helly Hansen, the Nustfjord is effective, durable and well-built. The set comes with a jacket and pants that are well-constructed. Both them are built with heavy duty poly fabric cotton and trapped with a tough PVC layer on top. The set will not easily wear or tear.

The jacket contains a storm flap above the zipper which keeps the water out. The hood is well integrated to protect the face and can be tightened if needed. The pants and bib are reinforced with neoprene cuffs.


  • Both the pants and jacket are resistant to oil and chemical.
  • The hood can accommodate a hardhat or helmet.
  • The overalls were made almost identically with a side gusset that works well on several sizes and supported by a lower hem.


  • Some customers complain that the gear doesn’t have a lot of pockets in it. But this is a style issue which is subjective, not objective.

III. Conclusion

Now you know how to get the best rain fishing gear for you. You could be fishing all day long on the boat and rain could be pouring down for hours. You deserve only the best equipment for your efforts.

So among the five items, we reviewed which one do I recommend the most? Well, the Impertech II appeals the most to me. Why? It comes down to the features that make up the best apparel. Not only is the set durable, but they also have great waterproofing, breathability, and weight.

Unlike the gear that is made up of nylons and has the tendency to get clogged with water after prolonged exposure to rain, the set is built from polyethylene material and will keep you dry for hours under the foulest weather conditions.

Check out this video of the Impertech II to see it in action:

We hope you learned a lot from this post. Which among the five rain apparels are you going to buy? Feel free to share your reasons in the comments.

Paul Watson
The Best Rain Gear for Fishing – Excellent and Affordable
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