Are You Looking for the Best Keychain Flashlight? #4 Will Blind You!

A handy bright flashlight is something everyone should have in their pockets. You just never know when you will need one. And until you get yourself one, you will never know how useful it could be! If you love the outdoors, a flashlight is something you should not leave home without.

Aside from the pocket-sized flashlight and multi-function tactical flash light, one more thing you should have is the best keychain flashlight. If you already have a bright LED flashlight, why would you need a keychain flashlight?


Why Do I Need A Keychain Flashlight?​

Why Do I Need A Keychain Flashlight

You may be wondering why you would even need a keychain flashlight when you already have a smartphone. I know your smartphone already has a flashlight app, but why go for another light? Well, here are some things where you can find keychain flashlight useful. You may not have thought about it, but, here they are!​

> Easily find stuff inside your bag

Well, if you have a few things in your backpack and you just need fetch a small packet of mint, you don’t have to take everything out! You can use your mini flashlight and easily find it!

> Find keys and door key-slot easily

I know you got a neat collection of keys in one keychain. Sometimes, it takes a few keys before you are able to get inside the house. But when it’s pitch dark outside, finding the right key and opening a lock is like frustrating game of trial and error. Having a handy keychain flashlight can help you locate your keys easily and stick it right at the center of the key-slot. No guessing involved!

> Go to the bathroom without turning the lights on

If you had too much to drink before bed, chances are, you will wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge relieve your bladder! You know that your eyes will hurt if you turn on the lights. How about if you have a tiny light? Just enough to see where the comfort room is? Nice, right?!

> You don’t want to drain your phone

In some bizarre cases, having a phone signal can equate to survival (especially when the zombies are here!). If you get stuck on an elevator, or you get somewhere, having a signal means you can call for help. But what will you use to light your way? Maybe, a keychain flashlight?

> Because, sometimes, you forget your flashlight

This is true for most of us. Sometimes, we forget to bring our flashlight with us! Before leaving home, we are pretty sure that we have our keys with us. Strapping a small keychain flashlight in your keyring will make sure that you will always have an emergency light

> Because sometimes, stuff goes into the abyss

When you drop something behind the computer table, or you want to check something behind the kitchen counter, your ceiling lights will not be enough to reach them. But if you have a tiny flashlight with your keys, you surely can check those inconspicuous corners!

> You want to be seen

If you are already out before the sun shines for a morning walk or a quick workout, you want vehicles on the road to see you so that they could avoid you! The more visible you are, the less likely you will be hit by a car!

This is applicable when you are going fishing, or hiking, or cycling, or doing any outdoor activity that has limited light!

> You want to see something

There are times that you might need to be on foot and walk a few steps on an unchartered territory. It may be getting dark and you want to be sure that you can see where you are walking. A small light can ensure that you are not stepping on a bear trap!

> You need it when you are camping

This is something true about you. When you camp, you bring with you some tactical flashlight with a few thousand lumens to make sure you have something to light your way in an emergency. But, what if you just need to pee? You don’t want that bright light! It would take too much attention! A few lumens from your keychain light is enough to light your way and don’t get too much attention in the wild!

Can’t Decide?

Now, I know you realized how useful it is! Which one would you get? Here are five keychain flashlights you can buy online! Let me help you choose which one is the right flashlight for you.​

1. Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight


If you are looking for value, Finware is an affordable keychain flashlight you may want to try out! Finware Mini LED is available in packs of three, five, and ten. This is something you can hand over to each member of the family.

It has an easy squeeze on/off button that you will not miss. Sliding the switch will keep the flashlight on. Its triangular shape looks almost like the head of a key. And you know what, you won’t even feel it’s weight! It’s just a fifth of an ounce! It runs on two CR2016 batteries in a sturdy enclosure.​


  • 100,000 hour LED life : That’s roughly eleven years, or more than four thousand days of LED life! If you won’t lose it, you can hand it over to the next generation!
  • Super light weight : It’s like it’s never there! Way to light for something very useful! But hey, that’s great! It won’t add up to the weight of your keys
  • As small as a quarter : Aside from being light, it’s really small. This makes this very convenient. It’s like you don’t have any excuse of not having one!
  • Water resistant : It’s not like you will go swimming with it or anything like that. But, you are assured that it won’t take water damage with a few splash of rain or sweat.


  • Batteries : Well, it’s a flat flashlight. Naturally, a CR2016 battery is best for this kind of light. Really no biggie. But in case you need some replacement batteries, AAAs are more readily available anywhere.
  • Flimsy chain : The ring connecting the spring clasp to the pivot is a bit flimsy. It feels as if it would break apart.

2. Streamlight 73001 Nano Light


Streamlight’s nano light is another one of the smallest keychain flashlights you can get. This cylindrical flashlight is shorter than the first digit of your thumb! It’s shorter than most of your keys and won’t take much space in your keychain.

It has a white LED and you can choose from 7 different flashlight body colors. It has a hook that is directly connected to the end of the flashlight which makes it less prone to breaking. You get eight hours of light in each battery change and twisting on/off switch that protects accidentally turning on the light!


  • Twist on/off If you accidentally sit on it, or you press on it hard, you will not turn it on! This saves you battery!
  • Made of aluminum Aluminum is durable and light. It would take quite a huge force to dent this thing!
  • Knurled head Twisting it on and off is not a problem with the knurled flashlight head.
  • Sturdy hook design The hook is directly attached at the bottom of the flashlight. This means losing it can be quite difficult!


  • LR41 batteries a little hard to find: In case you run out of light, finding a replacement can be a little hard.
  • One hand operation is difficult: With some dexterity, you can twist and turn it on with one hand. But not a lot of us has that talent.

3. NiteCore T Series 45 Lumen


NiteCore is known for their awesome bright flashlights, long-lasting batteries, and chargers. Aside from their blinding flashlights, they also have some keychain flashlights that you can rely on. This 45 Lumen T Series keychain flashlight is a useful, useful torch. You can have as low as one lumen output to and can glow up to 45 lumens.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery which eliminates the need to replace the batteries! You don’t have to worry much about accidentally turning it on as you won’t need new batteries, you just have to plug it on a micro usb! It has a ragged design and a simple one-button operation.

Pressing it one turns it on. Pressing it longer makes it brighter and peaks at 45 lumens.


  • It’s rechargeable : You can plug it on a wall socket, or charge it via powerbank. You won’t have trouble with batteries!
  • Up to 48 hours : This mini flashlight can give you 48 hours of continuous light in its lowest setting!
  • 45 Lumen max output : Well, a keychain light with a 45-lumen output is bright! It’s too bright for its size!
  • Sturdy keyring receiver : Quality check assures that the keyring receiver can withstand up to 35kg of pulling force! You won’t lose it easily!.
  • Charging indicator : A blue light turns on when the batter is charging and turns off when the battery is full.


  • Plastic enclosure Well, it’s enclosed with plastic. This flashlight is not invincible. You need to take care of it too!
  • Drains pretty fast : At max output, you get about an hour of continuous light. Use with caution!

4. GLAREE CREE LED 150 Lumens Mini


Glaree has taken keychain flashlights to the next level. They equipped this particular model with a CREE LED and glows to a maximum of 150 lumens. It runs on a AAA battery, which is nice because you can easy find it anywhere. It’s about the size of your index finger (or smaller) and packs has a half inch diameter.

It comes with a keychain and a belt clip so you get a few different ways to equip it. It can resist water up to 2 meters deep. It weighs about a third of an ounce which, by the way, is pretty light for its size! But for some people, a 2.75 inch keychain flashlight is too large.


  • AAA Batteries It runs on AAA batteries and you can find them anywhere!
  • 150 Lumens A hundred and fifty lumens for a short stick is astounding! Well, it’s a CREE LED, so what do you expect?
  • Comes in a nice box It comes with a shiny aluminum box which you can later use to store some calling cards or organize small items with!
  • Knurled surface Even if you have wet hands, you won’t have trouble holding it tight with the knurled surface!


  • May be a little too big If you already got a huge ring of keys, this is will add up to the bulk!
  • Battery drains quickly You only get 30 minutes of light with the max output! But hey, use it with caution! Use the lower mode if you need to preserve your battery! Or, bring a few spare batteries instead!

5. Energizer LED Keychain Light CR2016


Energizer is a renowned battery manufacturer and have existed for more than a century now! That gives them authority in their product line! This Energizer LED Keychain light is powered by tow CR2016 batteries that can last up to two hours. The bright Nichia LED is rated at 13 lumens and can illuminate a path up to 18 meters.

You get an elongated, flat, keychain flashlight that resembles a car’s remote control. At the end of the flashlight is one small ring and one big keyring for mobility.


  • Nichia LED Unlike your regular LEDs and CREE LED, Nichia LEDs are warmer and more pleasing to the eyes. If CREE hurts your eyes, Nichia LEDs are perfect for you!
  • Reputable brand This company is more than a century old. This alone means that you are getting a quality flashlight!
  • Simple design No fuzz design and operation. It has three light modes available at your liking.


  • 13 Lumens only For the same price as the others, you only get 13 Lumens!
  • 2hour battery life Each battery replacement only lasts up to two hours. Be sure to purchase some replacement too.

Last Words

Probably, you were able to choose the best keychain flashlight that suits your need. NiteCore T Series 45 Lumens probably is the best among the selection in terms of size, Lumen rating, and operation. You get a rechargeable flashlight that will save you the hassle of changing batteries!

If you want a bright flashlight that fits your pocket, Glaree is your flashlight! But if you want top-notch quality and craftsmanship, Energizer trumps everything on the selection

I hope you have finally decided which keychain flashlight to get! Feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you soon!


Are You Looking for the Best Keychain Flashlight? #4 Will Blind You!
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