What Are The Top 5 Best Fishing Sunglasses?

Getting your next big catch out in the open sea requires a lot of skill, timing, luck, and of course – the best fishing sunglasses. If you've ever gone out on a hot sunny day, then I'm pretty sure your eyes started to strain. To protect yourself from the sun while fishing, check out these glasses!


Why Do You Need Sunglasses?

The moment you expose yourself outdoors, most especially when fishing, you’re putting your eyes at risk. It’s a given fact that our eyes are the most important tool for fishing, that’s why taking the needed safety measures to protect our eyes is necessary.

Connectively, our eyes are quite sensitive. In fact, just by looking at the sun’s reflection off the water during fishing, is already a potential threat to our eyes.

Not to mention, the sun’s constant beating is more than a nuisance. However, the best fishing sunglasses can easily block the harmful rays of the sun. I’ll discuss more on that in a bit, so stay tuned.

What we’re trying to protect our eyes against is UV radiation, which has caused unwanted health problems for the many over the years.

While it’s true that when it’s not in large portions, it’s considered as Vitamin D. But too much of it, would lead to a grave disposition.

It could lead to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and growths on the eye, including cancer.

But it doesn't stop there. If you don't act now, it increases the possibility of getting photokeratitis. For your information, it’s the same as getting your skin burned, but this time, it’s your eyes.

Particularly, when you’re in the middle of the sea, there are other dangers to be cautious about other than UV radiation.

Your mind is fixed on getting the next big catch being mostly unaware of the probability of hooks flying towards your face – potentially hurting your eyes in the process. This is especially so when you’re fly fishing.

Surprisingly, enthusiasts are oblivious to this danger. There have been countless of accidents relating hooks and fishermen over the years.

Consequently, if the best fishing sunglasses were present in this scenario, it would prevent a trip to the emergency room as there’s a blockage between the eyes and hook.

What Are The Qualities To Look Out For?

I believe that everyone has their own “perfect fit” in the best fishing sunglasses. There are a lot of variables affecting it, and finding the ideal style is already a challenge itself.

Here’s another heads up, acquiring the perfect fit is everything. If your sunglasses do not fit perfectly on your face, then it doesn’t block the UV rays completely. It would still seep onto your skin.

Optometrist, Fraser Horn, OD, even made a statement on this matter. “I look at something that fits the face well, I don’t want it up touching the eyelashes, but I also don’t want it pushed way out. And I want something that lines up with your brow.”

  • It should be Polarized

The best fishing sunglasses have their lenses polarized. In fact, this rule does not limit for only fishing. It applies to every decent sunglasses.

These lenses are able to prevent you from straining your eyes. Its rate can reduce up to 98%. It mainly functions to reduce glare. You may learn more about polarized lenses right here.

  • Material of the lens

Check the lens material. Ideally, it should be made out of NXT. Going back, there are two materials intended for making outdoor sunglasses – NXT and polycarbonate.

While both are great, the latter is cheaper than the former. Polycarbonate is still prone to damage, despite it being impact resistant. On the other hand, its other counterpart is virtually indestructible and incredibly light.

NXT provides quality lenses that are intended for outdoor sports. Its sturdiness and durability make it ideal for fishing or any outdoor activities that ask you to be under the heat of the sun for prolonged periods of time.

  • Check its coating

The best fishing sunglasses have one common aspect – its material coating. Ordinarily, it should be hydrophobic coating as it’s one of the most popular choices for a high-quality sunglass.

It gives you the convenience of repelling occasional splashes of seawater from penetrating your eyes. Also, there may be special chemicals added to resist fogs as well. If you live in a humid environment, it should be ideal for you.

  • Darker isn’t always better

The common misconception people have is thinking that darker lens means it blocks UV rays better. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

As a matter of fact, it may potentially enter more light into the back of your eye.

Darker lenses would force your pupil to open wider to let light in. This is actually harmless if your sunglasses are made to block UV rays. If not, then it promotes an impending damage to your eyes.

Finding Out The Best Fishing Sunglasses

Via: Amazon.com

The reason why I became an enthusiast in this field is because my eyes have always been particularly sensitive to the sun.

I’ve always been on the search for the best fishing sunglasses, and its copper 580 glass lenses made it part of my top 5 list.

I like how it gives me an extremely clear view even when it’s cloudy – I find it useful when I’m driving around the city. Also, its lenses offer brilliant clarity for fishing, I can say this is one of my outright favorite fishing partners.

Funny thing is, because of its bio-based nylon frame material, there are even times when I’m fishing that I forget I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses!

From what I've experienced, it's durable and still gives me a comfortable fit. It doesn't bother me when I'm doing my regular outdoor activities aside from fishing, it's like second-nature.


  • Bio-based Nylon Frame
  • Offers Clarity and Brilliance
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Resistant to Heat and Cold


  • Heavier than the other sunglasses I’ve owned

Via: Amazon.com

If there’s one thing that strikes me the most, it’s its aesthetically pleasing appearance. I personally find this a great value for the money. For people with larger heads, this might just work out perfectly for you.

What I really appreciate is that this unit comes with nifty add-ons, such as lens cloth and a screwdriver set. The makers were kind enough to tag along this cute little card to test its polarization effect – I love it!

In my use, I’ve noticed its lightweight AL-MG alloy makes it ideal for a variety of sports. If you fancy other sports aside from fishing, you may use this for cycling, driving, skiing or even trekking.

Another great experience with this sunglasses is when I accidentally dropped it onto a rough surface – it survived without any scratches! I thought for sure I was in deep trouble, but its polarized triacetate lenses saved it from its fall.


  • Lightweight AL-MG Alloy
  • Reduce Eye Fatigue
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Lifetime Breakage Warranty
  • Aesthetically Attractive


  • Too much pressure on the bridge of the nose

Via: Amazon.com

MJ reminds me why I don't purchase a cheap variety of sunglasses. Back in the day, when I wasn't into sunglasses, I'd get myself a $10 eyewear. Unfortunately, I had to replace them every year.

After my first encounter with Maui Jim’s Polarized Sunglasses, I immediately stopped buying cheap, breakable ones. Honestly, I don’t only use them for fishing, but it’s perfect for my everyday grind as well.

I love how it has multi-layered lenses with 3 rare earth elements as it offers a richer, crisper, and overall greater lens compared to my experience with a polycarbonate made lens material – I feel like I’m watching an incredibly HD movie.

I’m quite impressed with its Cellulose Propionate plastic when I used it back in 2012, for a long 16-hour drive over the weekends. To my disbelief, it went perfectly well. I didn’t experience any discomfort on my temples at all! The bridge of my nose was seamlessly fine too, the silicon pads did all the work.


  • Bullet-proof frame (Cellulose Propionate plastic)
  • Comfortable nose pads
  • Multi-layered lenses
  • Saltwater Safe
  • Glare Protection


  • It’s bigger than expected

Via: Amazon.com

I tend to make unnecessary movements when I’m outdoors – I simply love the open air! However, I’ve noticed an all too familiar problem. My sunglasses keep on falling off.

For the most part, I thought it was normal. But when my father told me to try this sunglasses when we were out fishing – I was amazed! Not once did it slip off my face. Its hydrolite non-slip material did the trick.

I've noticed that when I'm exposed to the heat of the sun, it cuts off the glare, allowing me to focus on getting the next big catch.

Also, its Dark Amber 400G lens is commendable – it’s suitable for all light conditions. I’m able to get my daily catch whether it’s low light morning or evening and bright afternoon light.

In my opinion, this might be one the best finishing sunglasses in the market today.


  • Ideal for all light conditions
  • It doesn’t slip off the face
  • Cut off the glare
  • Allows you to read your LCDs


  • It doesn’t stay firm when you flip it up on your head

Via: Amazon.com

I remember getting one of my biggest catch wearing this sunglasses – the feeling was amazing! Its 580G lenses allowed me to spot any fish despite the conditions.

Another feature that I like is its co-injected bio-based nylon frame, they’re light and it fits perfectly on my face – which is surprising because I have a large head.

I once gave this as a gift for my brother when we were on a fishing trip, and he absolutely loved the rubber lining on the frames. It gave him complete comfort throughout our fishing vacation.

For the lens color, mine was Blue Mirror. I’ve observed that it works extremely well on open reflective water. It’s intended for fishing in deep water and withstanding the harsh sun. In addition, it reduces eye strain.

But if you want to use it for your everyday activities, Gray might do the trick for you. It’s 12% Light Transmission, making it ideal for a natural contrast.


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Blue Mirror Polarized
  • Kills Reflected Glare
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Scratch-Resistance


  • Sweating makes it slip off

Choosing The Best Fishing Sunglasses For You!

know that it gets confusing, with all these sunglasses with equally admirable features. That’s why I’m going to lift the pressure off of you, and I’ll choose the best fishing sunglasses for you instead.

Hands down, my personal pick is – Maui Jim Stingray Polarized Sunglasses. And here’s the reason why:

  • It’s a high-quality polarized sunglasses. In fact, it remarkably outclasses the other sunglasses on this list as it’s visibly richer and crisper.
  • Its lens material goes beyond what polycarbonate can do. It’s as if you’re watching everything in High-Definition – an experience even Costa del Mar Cortez can’t outdo.
  • Its frame is made out of Cellulose Propionate plastic, making it the sunglasses with the strongest and most durable frame on the list. Also, it’s bulletproof.
  • In terms of UV protection, from what I’ve experienced, its bronze lenses was able to block most of the sun’s rays, it does a better job than Duco Men's Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses.
  • And finally, I had the best experience with MJ’s Stingray when it comes to comfort and ergonomics – it’s an absolute favorite! I’d choose this over any other for long trips and vacations.

​I can safely say, Maui Jim Stingray Polarized Sunglasses is on a whole new level in terms of providing quality service for my taste.

My experience with MJ led me to believe that our eyes deserve to be treated better. If you want to a suitable fishing partner, this could be the best fishing sunglasses for you.

What Are The Top 5 Best Fishing Sunglasses?
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