Review On The Top Five Best Diesel Fuel Additives 2018

Diesel motors are utilized in various applications in modern times. From cars to trains to ships, diesel engines are ones that keep the world moving. Ultimately, these engines take the needless strain through carbon build up due to slight impurities in the fuel.

And when an engine is turned off, tiny amounts of the fuel still stay in places such as the fuel filter and fuel line, as well as the injectors, most importantly. If you’re a camper who spends much of his time inside the trailer, then these fuel residues can be quite a hassle for you.

This glitch can reach to an extent where the engine’s injectors and other values can seize operations, and cleaning will not be enough to resolve the situation. That’s why it would be a great idea to make use of diesel fuel additives as a safety measure.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car or trailer doesn’t run anymore. Thus, the best diesel fuel additives will come in handy. And while there are many diesel fuel additive brands out there, we will review only the best ones in the market.

So read on...


I. All about Diesel Fuel Additives​

Diesel Fuel Additive​

Diesel fuel additives are chemicals that can alter the properties of an untreated diesel fuel. And the largest users of additives are distributors and refineries. Distributors and refineries utilize diesel additives in order to restore the consistency in the diesel before selling it.

There’s a standard on "premium" diesel that refineries require to follow and diesel additives help in getting that standard.

The Perks of Using Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel fuel additives can help in activating excellent energy content in diesel pumped into the tank of the vehicle. In turn, good energy content assists in better fuel efficiency. One important use of such fuel additives is its capacity to keep the fuel injectors clean.

And the tiniest amount of build up or dirt can destroy the spray pattern of the injectors. In turn, this impacts combustion, leading to fuel wastage, decreased power and you will not achieve your required mileage out of the fuel in the vehicle.

A lot of diesel fuel additives include a lubricating improver that can help in the extreme wear on injector tips and fuel pumps that can be a result of untreated fuel. Another important use of such fuel additives is reduced-temperature operability.

It helps the fuel in unclogging the fuel filter or the fuel line. Also, it improves a vehicle’s starting and idling in cold temperatures by getting an increased cetane number.​

What to Look For​

The majority of diesel additives function well since they do have the same chemicals found in additives utilized by refineries. However, there are some that you can avoid. That is, brands which do not have active ingredients as well as brands which feature an active ingredient through engine oil.

Engine oil can make engines run smoother; however, it will eventually result in damage to the injectors. Finally, stop using brands that utilize ancho as their active ingredient. Moreover, alcohol can result in damage to gaskets and only releases a brief boost.

II. Choosing the Best Diesel Additive​

Selecting the best and the right diesel additive is an important step. You have to know your specific need as well as conduct a thorough research to do away with any engine damage. Choosing the best diesel is done by performing the following:

Hammonds Biobor Diesel Fuel Treatment​


Maximum optimization

There are numerous varieties of diesel additives offered which cater to various use and needs. You must choose that type of additive, which deals with all your needs and one that you will always be useful to you.

Having a fuel stabilizer additive is a good alternative in the process of anti-oxidation and avoid sludge by separating the particles, so they do not stick together on the metal deactivators' - preventing a chain reaction and all that.


Economical rate

You must choose the type of additive which does not cut deep into the pockets. Compute the fuel’s monetary value and figure out if you can afford it. You have to remember that reducing the additive’s treat rate indicates it will treat further gallons of fuel. And a higher rate indicates less fuel treated.

Therefore, you have to remember this ratio and choose the additive that has a less treat rate.


Environment friendly

Diesel vehicles are much more dangerous compared to fuel vehicles. You can be eco-friendly by buying a diesel additive, which will treat the environment gently. These additives can lower the CO2 emissions of the diesel vehicle.

Therefore, check for the green mark on your additive to prevent contributing any more harm to our planet.


Avoid active ingredients

Additives have chemicals in them—the same chemicals utilized by the refinery. Avoid these additives because it will make the engine run smoother yet permanently wreck the injector as well. Ingredients such alcohol and ancho wreck the gaskets and are less durable.

Finally, in selecting the most excellent diesel fuel additives available, it is vital to select from the following grounds:

  • System and fuel compatibility. Consider a diesel fuel additive that’s excellent to use on numerous diesel engines, working with numerous types of diesel fuel, especially newer ones and technologies. You will only be wasting your money with a non-versatile brand.
  • User-friendly container. Here, the diesel fuel additive must be placed in a container that can be opened easily and is readily accessible. You also want one that stops leakage and can be utilized all throughout the year as much as possible.
  • Efficiency. The diesel fuel additive must be constantly created for fuel efficiency in order to provide you with more mileage with the least amount of fuel.

Hammond's diesel treatment is popular for being one of the best diesel additives. The reason is that it has a multi-functioning property of purifying the fuel and it improves lubrication. Very few fuel additives can offer this kind of quality, and it’s shown to provide the best results.

III. Top 5 Best Diesel Fuel Additives


Registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, Killem Biocide is diesel fuel additive used to control fungi and bacteria growths in refined fuels and oils while cleaning the tank. Killem can help in eliminating tank odors and corrosion.

Also, it serves as a way to avoid fuel filter and oil deposits and corrosion. One of its main uses is helping in stopping injector plugging and further carbon deposits as well as exhaust gas smoke.

Killem is a versatile product and can be utilized on different kinds of diesel-powered equipment. It’s the kind of tool that can be located in Diesel storage depots, Marinas, Home and Railroad usage. Also, Killem is deemed as a water soluble product.


  • Control Fungi and Bacteria Growth
  • A Bottle treats 1,280 gallons of fuel
  • Reduces Corrosion


  • Not intended for cold weather
  • More for using detergent
  • Will keep engine very clean but it does not help much with the performance.


The brand’s fuel treatments help the user in getting his or her required fuel mileage as well as enhacing performance in cold weather conditions. And just like other diesel additives intended for colder weather conditions, it also helps in engine start times as well as fuel gelling issues.

All of this, while being less harmfual to the environment as possible. It also functions well in every type of weather condition.


  • Inhibits fuel from thickening
  • Furthers lubricity
  • Works well in majority of weather conditions
  • Impressive anti-gel additives


  • Big bottle can be hard to handle
  • For best results, treatment has to continue for a long period of time


This brand is ideal for those trucks located cold winter areas or during the winter season. It helps the fuel filters from blocking with wax and aids to stop fuel gelling. An Anti-Gel Winterizer, the brand’s Arctic Formula efficiently treats all forms of diesel fuels guaranteeing that the equipment will be working well at optimum levels throughout the winter.

On the other hand, its Fuel Supplement is just intended for use in the winter season for temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Inhibits fuel gelling at reduced temperatures
  • Effective in every diesel fuel
  • Has slick diesel lubricator
  • Keeps filters from building up with wax


  • Only operable in extremely cold conditions
  • Need to check out other products for high-temperature areas
  • Huge bottle can spill when poured into tank


At a reasonable price, you get one QT. FR3, two QT. Stiction Eliminator, and one QT Diesel Extreme. When you make use of these three together, your vehicle will tune and then run like a brand new machine.

You get better compression and power. The valve noise and lifter reduce, along with its frictional drag. It reduces wear of components. It functions as a barrier, thus, reducing metal-to-metal contact. Also, it eliminates the friction coefficient. Additionally, you get cleaner injectors, lines, and a tank.


  • Functions on Ford Diesels
  • Its results are almost instant, without disappointment.


  • Cannot function on high-mileage diesels.



This brand does not only protect the Diesel engine, but it aids to restore performance as well. Also, you can expect to restore the fuel economy as well as increase torque and horsepower. It features a cetane improver system and detergency which helps in enhancing combustion leading to a better, smoother functioning engine.

Moreover, it reduces the engine noise and helps in engine start-up.

Also, the product performs in wintry conditions by using the cold weather protection formula. Its corrosion pre-emptive system utilizes corrosion inhibitors which protects the system from corrosion and rust.

Another reason to prevent corrosion is because it contains no alcohol. It stabilizes fuel as well, and keeps the fuel fresher and protects against gum formations due to oxidation.


  • Approved by many OEMs like GM, Ford, Deere & Navistar
  • Proven to Perform Best in independent testing
  • Meets Cummins L10 Superior Test for cleanliness
  • Can be used with biodiesel fuel


  • Only Available in 12case
  • Can result in injectors to become tacky on particular older model vehicles


Selecting the most excellent diesel fuel additive for a car can be an extremely difficult matter, particularly if you aren’t somebody who’s technically well-informed in terms of diesel motors. All makers of these products claim to provide you with the same results as well.

The five diesel additives mentioned above in this comparison are highly recommended by the users.

The Killem Biocide focuses on cleaning the engine. And this can be useful for people who own old motors that require restoration or an excellent fungal cleaning treatment. And Lucas Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment is another specialist in extreme cold conditions.

It will help your car in starting as well as warming up throughout those inclement winter mornings. Also, it can function just as powerfully in the summer.

Out of these outstanding products, my choice will go down to Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive. It’s an all-round performer and is used various situations by numerous users over the many years of use. Also, it comes recommended by a few of the top brands such as GM and Ford.

The size and shape of the bottle are easy to use and ideal for use. And this product ticks the right factors when selecting the top diesel fuel additive for a car. But the only con is the expensive price as well as the fact that they can only by purchased by the crate.

Also remember that you might like to carry on the treatment for numerous years to come; it can be helpful if you have two or more motors that require diesel. This can be considered a good investment for your diesel motor’s maintenance.
Review On The Top Five Best Diesel Fuel Additives 2018
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