Can One Catch Bass Jumping out of Water?

Does bass jump out of the water? This question is quite interesting and the thought is something that fish enthusiasts from different levels (both advanced and beginners) tend to ask. The question may not be a big deal to someone who doesn’t like fishing but anglers just how signification the answer to the question is.

Knowing everything you can about bass will not only help you devise plans and strategies; it will also increase your chances of having a successful catch. Even something that seems trivial like whether bass can jump on water or not can spell the difference between catching one and going home disappointed.

Thus, we will answer the question for you in this section to help you strategize on the best way to catch one.


The Answer​

Let’s get right into it – the answer is no. Bass don’t jump on water. Unlike salmon, they don’t usually leave the water although they may be compelled to surface now and then if they see something they can potentially eat over the surface.

It’s the reason why some anglers who like bass let their bait settle over or below the water surface for a certain period. This is applicable during the warm sunny days when the fish is more likely to visit the water’s surface.

If the sun is shining, you can utilize a metallic bait to try and lure bass towards it. Bass does not go to the water’s surface during the winter though. Because these creatures are cold-blooded, they avoid cold waters by hiding inside nooks and pools.

This is therefore the time when you need to go a little deeper with the fish.

Here’s a resource that outlines how you can improve your methods in catching bass – Batch Fishing.​

Don’t limit yourself to what you already and try out different things. In all these trials, keep in mind though that bass cannot jump.

Why Do Fish Jump?​

If ever fish jump, it’s because they are scared, hungry or disturbed. It could also be because they want to go somewhere fast. Most of the time, the main reason they jump is that they see potential food on the water surface.

Whether it is fish or birds, nature can entertain you if you live near or on the water.

When we were still young, me and my bro used to sit by the Lake Erie, Walleye to watch some of the fish jumps out of the water to catch some water strider on the water. We also see some of the birds fly downward towards to water and dive in it to catch fish.

Around hour home, I also occasioned to see bass leaping out from the water to catch something in its mouth. Judging from the jump, it seemed like the fish was really hungry.

According to MadSci Network’s John Franklin Rawls, a Developmental Biology graduate student at Washington University, the bass and other such fish should be very hungry. Among the major sources of food for freshwater fish are insects.​

And since many of the winged insects spend a lot of time floating or flying just a few centimetres on the water, they become a very inviting food for fish – especially the big ones who are capable of leaping out of water.​

Bass Jumping Out of Water While Fishing​

If the fish happens to jump out at a wrong time though, that would spell doom for such fish. There are cunning anglers who can simulate the right jumping condition for the fish. All they need to do is cast a shine on a certain area of a dark lake and bang the boat’s side.

The racket and light excites both insects and fish with a number of experienced anglers mentioning that the method has even led to fish jumping straight into the boat.

So you can think of a scenario wherein while bass fishing, you suddenly find that the bass sticks its head out of the water and toss your lure towards the air. It can happen more often than you think as it had many times with other professional anglers.

Even if you’re ready for it, you can have a number of bass charging towards your boat faster than you can reel the slack. How fast things can happen and just how ready you are when they happen is part of the challenge and you have to know how it works to catch bass while leaping out of water.

You can see pictures and videos online of bass jumping out of water and this is one of them:​

So Why Do These Leaps Take Place?

Water is very dense – much denser than water. So if the fish can easily shake its head under water (two-three times each second), then you can only imagine how easy it is for them to do it on air. The speed of the shake may be double or tripled, and that makes it difficult for anglers to hold the fishing line and get the hook set inside the fish’s mouth.

Another thing to consider is the bait’s weight; bass find it easier to toss heavier baits out of their mouths because of the added weight.​

How to Catch Bass While Jumping on Water

A technique practiced by anglers once the hook is set is to keep to rod’s tip closer to the water and even sink it deep into the water sometimes. If you’re a tall guy – like 6 ft. tall and above, this may not be a challenging thing to do unless you have a longer fishing pole.

There may be times when you have to go down on one knee to get more leverage in keeping your rod close to the water. This helps once you see the line emerging from the water heading towards the fish as it jumps out.

You can easily hide the rod’s tip within the water reel and that would hopefully settle or stop the bass from leaping out of the water’s surface. The main goal is to control the bass by keeping your line tight. It’s going to be tough struggling against a monster fish – even more difficult is trying to shake its head while it’s out of the water.

Under such circumstances, it would help if you can stay calm and prepare for what’s coming – an angry bass bringing the fight to your yard. Another effective technique you can apply in fighting a large bass is to keep the line tight while letting it through submerged grass or underwater grass.

You will discover a couple of things while doing this technique:​

  • You can have some weed over the fish’ face, or some underwater grass to obstruct its vision seem to slow the fish’ swimming surges and give you a better chance at landing on the beast. This is a slower but safer way to catch the fish.
  • You can set some weeds and underwater grass over your line and the additional weight will help slow the bass under water and while it is shaking it’s head or tries to jump.


Catching bass while jumping on water may not be easy. But as long as you can keep your line tight, you can control the bass’ movements and win in the end. It’s always a challenge to catch such a big fish but with the right technique you can catch it easily with a smile on your face.​

Can One Catch Bass Jumping out of Water?
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