7 Tips for Packing Your Car for a Camping Trip

Everybody has experienced the sting of having to struggle when packing your car for camping. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may find yourself packing and repacking several times before everything fits into place.

You may also find yourself sweating and feeling frustrated as you dig through the layers of neatly packed gear only to find somethine as small as match to start a campfire. Well, the good news is that there are thing we can do to settle the matter.

In this post, we have established 7 guidelines for packing your vehicle for a camping trip. By following the guidelines below, you can painlessly and quickly load up a vehicle, regardless of what you are packing for.​


I. 7 Guidelines for Packing Your Vehicle for a Camping Trip

1. Do not just begin stuffing item inside the trunk.

The experts recommends laying out the items close to your car—that includes all the stuff that were inside your car already—and evaluating what you need to fit inside it. And make certain that everybody has put out everything they are intended to bring prior to packing.

You have to get this right the first time because just one overlooked item half-way throughout the task can indicate starting the task all over again. Everything will fit easily after you have lain out and evaluated your stuff.

Then begin stuffing up—taking into consideration your own needs all through the journey and upon arriving at your destination. Doing it more will result in more efficient packing.​

2. Begin with an excellent foundation

Begin with an excellent foundation

Just like numerous other projects, the answer to packing stuff inside your vehicle is, to begin with a firm foundation. Put your larger or heavier times along the flat sides – items such as a camp stove or camping cooler, or heavier stuff when transporting—and then build up from there.

3. Leave a few holes as you do the packing

Leave a few holes as you do the packing

People often ignore this, but it is important to leave gaps and holes as you are packing; they can later be filled with items you might require in the process— items like tiny, camping chairs in a picnic—which you’ll then slide out easily.

4. Pack bags properly

You have to make certain that everything is readily accessible for you to grab everything without unloading everything. The experts recommend doing things such as turning bags, to reach the zippers and put them at the top if ever you arrive at the camping area by nighttime.

5. Unroll the sleeping bags

Unrolling the sleeping pads won’t only provide you with more flexibility while packing - you can put them into work as well: they may be utilized to hold items together.

6. Strategically position the heavy items

Any hard or heavy items should be positioned below your rear seat’s highest point to prevent them from banging into one’s head once a sudden stop or sharp turn occurs.

7. Consider Where You are Going, When You will Arrive, as well as what you will need once you arrive there

If you are arriving at dinner, make sure that your kitchen is easily accessible. If you are arriving during night time, be certain to strategically position your lighting. In addition to those key stuff, maintain the method of putting heavier stuff at the bottom portion of your vehicle.

II. A Hassle-Free Camping Checklist

Here is the minimalist car camping list for the family. Feel free to get some ideas to create your own list of the bare essentials in camping. Perhaps, you may even like to stock a pack for every person with the non-perishable basics (toothbrush, lighter, sunscreen) to keep the sleeping bags and tent for a truly simple, last-ditch, “grab and go” camping trip.​

  • Tent (it is a simple, sets-itself-up technique)
  • Ground pads and sleeping bags (these are kept with the tent. You can easily grab them all and place them inside the vehicle)
  • A lighter (bring wood only if you will not be able to get it)
  • Foil dinners — Cut up some onions, carrots, potatoes, and perhaps a few sausages and wrap them all in foil with a tad butter and an Italian seasoning sprinkling, then place it in the refrigerator until you head out.
  • A bottle of pancake batter, spatula and frying pan. If you like, you can place this in a cooler, although we do not worry about it. We make use of homemade buttermilk – a quite stable item which you can add the eggs into at the last minute. They will be fine overnight.
  • One dozen fruit leathers, one box of granola bars, as well as other ingredients
  • A plate, silverware, and full water bottle for every person
  • A backpack for every individual with whatever they consider necessary: a book, a sweatshirt, extra socks, and all that.
  • Toothbrushes, sunscreen, and paste
  • Camera
  • Tactical flashlight

Here’s good video about car camping setup:

Final Thoughts

Some of these are specific to camping, but most of these tips can be applied to all types of packing. Let these essentials save you unnecessary frustration and waste of time. However you prepare for it, keep it wise and simple.

There certainly are things that could be pleasant to add, but as soon as you begin adding to the short list, it is difficult to stop. Some extras that could be seen on the list are flower and bird guidebooks, swimsuits, and binoculars. DIY car repairs are also crucial since your car man require repairs any time. The Hut discount codes will help you get your desired Camping gear and equipment you'll need within your budget. You shouldn’t spend beyond your means because it can affect your whole monthly budget.

Perhaps, you have your individual list of “acceptable extras” — constellation guidebook, a guitar, etc. Feel free to share them in the comments. We appreciate every idea you can share with us. You can also share this post to your friends. They may have something to comment or contribute too.

Family camping expeditions make up some of my warmest childhood memories. Now that I’m an adult I want to make sure that I share the same memories and experiences to my kids. For what it’s worth, it’s worth a great bonding time with family, friends and nature.​

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7 Tips for Packing Your Car for a Camping Trip
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