3 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Family Camping Now

Talk about camping to any parent, and you’ll probably get mixed reactions. Some people love camping with their kids, and some people can’t even handle the idea! However, camping benefits the whole family in really special ways. Here are the three reasons we think you should schedule a camping trip with your family today:


1. Inspire a Love of Nature

The longer you stay in nature, the more your eyes will be opened to the wonders around you. Camping is a great opportunity to unplug and allow your brain to adjust to a calmer pace, and trade electronic beeps for the chirps of birds! Here are a few more health benefits that your entire family will enjoy by spending time outdoors:

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    Mental health
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    Stress relief
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    Reduction in inflammation, which leads to disease
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    Better vision and improved concentration

Spending regular time outdoors as a family will help inspire a lifelong love of nature for your children, giving them the gift of long term health!

2. Promote Family Closeness

Unlike theme parks or movie theaters, camping is one family activity that doesn’t have an age restriction. With minimum modifications, it can be enjoyable for family members of all ages. Plus, camping is a great opportunity to work together as a team. You can involve your kids in planning the actual trip by having them check out nature and camping books at the library. They can help you create a camping checklist and shop for gear and food, which is a terrific learning activity!

Make sure you present your camping vacation as an adventure. Seeing each potential setback or disappointment as an opportunity will help you kids keep great attitudes even when rain hits or somebody forgets the marshmallows!

3. Grow Healthier Together

You might expect to sit back and relax on your weekend camping excursion, but if you have kids, you know that won’t last long! Your kids will be splashing in brooks, jumping into lakes, and having a blast clambering over boulders and up trails and into trees. They’ll be exercising without even knowing it! If you’re planning on hunting during your excursion, then you can also take the time to introduce your kids to the experience and make sure they understand about the food chain and conservation.

A study at Bowling Green State University found that detaching from work brought tangible benefits, helping employees recover from work. Even if you love what you do, you’ll be healthier because you took a break, and the benefits of a healthier you will trickle down to your spouse and children!

Whether it’s an annual week in the Catskills or a quarterly weekend at a favorite local campsite, there are some great reasons to get your family camping in the great outdoors. A love of nature, family togetherness, and better health will have your whole family hooked in no time.

3 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Family Camping Now
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