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Making Your Trip Memorable With Cutting Edge Technology

For time immemorial, humankind has set out across the great outdoors to get a taste of nature and create new memories. Intertwined with the great outdoors is camping and the 40,000 year old skill of fishing, both requiring the use of innovative technologies to do well. Some might argue that a simple hook and line, tarp and pole is enough to do well - but, what can cutting edge technology do to make your trip even more enjoyable?

From underwater fish finding cameras to digitally calibrated fishing poles, there’s a world of opportunity. Join this rundown of some of the best applications of technology in the outdoors today.

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Why Fit a Portable Fridge in Your Car? The Benefits and How to Do It

There are plenty of excellent reasons why you should have a fridge installed in your car. If you are an adventure lover, like to camp outdoors or simply take extended road trips, a fridge at the back of your car gives you autonomy and even luxury that you might not have known before.

Imagine having cool drinks in the middle of the desert, cold cuts and cheese with chilled beer on a beach or real dinner at night in the wilderness. Proper storage and transport keep your provisions fresh and safe for consumption. If you are planning to get a fridge but do not know how to do it, here are some tips to get started.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Bags

As we prepare for winter camping, many of us are taking old mummy bags out of storage and looking for replacements. But not all sleeping bags are created equally – a fact that most of us find when we're already out on a trip. To spare you the sleepless nights (and hard days), we wanted to create an ultimate guide to purchasing a sleeping bag.

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Thinking About “Glamping”? Here’s How to Prepare

Going on a camping excursion in the near future? You are not alone. The popularity of camping in the United States continued to increase in 2017, with an overwhelming 46.95 million Americans reporting that they participated in the activity in the last 12 months. The rise in the number of individuals who choose to go camping might be attributed in part to the latest luxuries and accommodations for those who prefer a less traditional camping experience. Better known as “glamping,” more individuals are blending the tranquility of camping with modern convenience.

If you are looking to bring all of the comforts of home to your next camping trip, take a look at some of the best ways to prepare for “glamping.”

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Top 10 gadgets you have to need for going camping

Going to camping is thrilling, adventurous and interesting. But when you go to the campaign, you will feel the lack of plenty of gadgets. So, at the time of going to campaign, you must be sure that your backpack is fulfilled with the most necessary gadgets.

It is quite a truth that when one goes to campaign, he has to face lots of problems. So before going to ahead from your home, you should check and recheck your backpack for ensuring your necessary campaign.

All gadgets do not support you equally. Some are too much effective, some gadgets are in vain. So never makes mistakes at the time of selecting gadgets.

The page covers the top ten gadgets; you can never overlook any of the ten gadgets.

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5 smart tricks for playing golf

Golf is a game that does not require much stamina to play. It is a type a physical exercise. It is very beneficial and along with that amuses its player. It is a famous game which is very good for our health and also helps in improving it. If someone plays golf, then his arms and shoulders are much stronger than the ones who do not play it. It is a game that is played by people of all ages.

 It keeps one active both physically and mentally as the player's brain measures the distance and magnitude to hit the ball and throw it in the hole. It makes one feel better and also works as a stress releasing agent. There are different wants adopted by the players to play golf. Some smart tricks for this purpose are as follows:

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Tips on How to Sleep Comfortably in a Honda CRV

Camping expeditions are quite thrilling because you will get to interact with nature, and it also enhances bonding among those individuals involved in the camping activities. When going for a camping spree, one has to be prepared to compromise on the comfort of having all the amenities, ranging from power, and adequate water supply. 

The last thing you would want when camping has to be dealing with a terrible night’s sleep after a long day of hiking. The van may be too roomy, which would make you opt to take another model of car like the Honda CRV for your camping. Let me share with you some tips on how to sleep comfortably in a Honda CRV.

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Camping with Children: 5 Tips for Beginners

Are you planning on a camping trip with your family? While there will be times to expect the unexpected, knowing what to do before it happens will help you prepare and enjoy the trip with ease.

As a parent, planning your first trip with the kids will leave you feeling anxious with questions about what to do if the kids step on poison ivy, if the weather gets bad or even if the kids get bored. Whether it’s your first trip of the 100th adventure, these camping tips will change the way you camp with kids.

Here are the top 5 tips for camping with children.

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