5 Best Beach Wagon and Cart for Sand 2017

Went to the beach and realized you have too many things to carry? Well, you certainly have. Anybody can be a little too excited when it comes to sands and beaches as well as the stuff we need to carry for the activity.

We occasionally like our comfort a bit too much – why would you settle to sit on a towel when you can bring a beach chair and sit on it. And then there’s the matter of bringing drinks, food, sunblock, balls, an umbrella, and extra towels. And it gets worse if beach day is, in fact, a family outing.


On the whole, prepping for the activity can be a huge business. With all these things to carry on your back, you will already be salty and wet before you even dive into the water. How do you make a solution to this problem? The answer is quite simple, and we are here to help.

You have to purchase the best beach wagon on sand, which is nearly invaluable for beach outings, as they frequently come with abundant capacities and are effortlessly stored when not in use. So, let’s unveil our top five contenders.

The Best Beach Wagon and Cart for Fishing

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  • Capacity – You’ll want a beach cart that can hold a lot of gear, and can fit strange shaped items like umbrellas, coolers, and folding chairs.
  • Durability – It is going to spend too much time under the sun if you’re one of the fortunate ones, so you’ll want a beach cart that’s durable to the sun and the usual wear and tear.
  • Maneuverability - User-friendliness. This is important when buying a beach cart. Navigating roads, rocks, sand, and more is principal in finding your final beach spot. You will want a cart that’ll aid you to get there.
  • Quality Materials – it must be composed of quality materials. Quality beach carts and wagons are built with mesh fabrics that filter extra sand. Some them have an open side or wicker design. Some contain good-quality plastic that does not filter sand and will allow you to carry so much heavy gear in your favorite area.
  • Good Customer Reviews – when it comes to beach wagons for fishing, it is important to ensure reliability. What are the customers saying about the product? Do find the wheels sturdy, wide and stable for any terrain? Is it easy to transport and store? Does it allow enough space for your fishing gear? While nothing could replace personal assessment and evaluation, customer reviews remain one of the most practical ways in determining the reliability of the product.

Whether you’re going out for a picnic by the beach or trying to catch your favorite fish, you will notice that majority of these carts were built with either a bicycle handle or a pull-by-hand handle. Whatever the item’s design may be, you can always pick one which you think will satisfy your needs while fishing.

You can find more information on the characteristics of the best beach wagons here – The Best Beach Wagons.​

The 5 Best Beach Wagons on Sand 2017​

1. Reels on Wheels Jr. Fishing Cart

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This cart fits well in Mini Vans and SUV’s once fully assembled and loaded. The majority of its features is just like the Senior. Slightly lighter (only 18 lbs), smaller and more convenient, this cart will store baits, five fishing rods, a tackle box, and 48 qt. C=cooler with ease.


  • Open: 14W x 34L x 9H (inches)
  • Folded: 40L x 20W x 10.5D (inches)


  • It’s light-weight but durable anti-corrosive, and tubing ensures utility for the long-term. That means more fishing adventures for you with the cart.
  • Built with a good butting board (food grade Starboard Marine) adhered with an inhibitor.
  • A 7 inch. bait basket can be utilized towards sifting sand fleas.
  • A removable and adjustable tee bar handle with rubber grips provides ease of handling.
  • A couple of retractable legs can be lowered to provide more stability.
  • Manufactured in the United States with a one year Warranty
  • Hardware stainless steels from nuts, u-bolts, push pins, etc. provides more durability.
  • Great cart, great capacity, very light
  • Excellent fishing cart for folks who are always out fishing


  • Some customers complain about the tire smelling unusual when you first purchase it. But this isn’t a big deal once you get used to it.

2. Berkley Fishing Cart

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As a progressive company, Berkley has been using science and technology in creating the best product lines in the fishing niche. Their goal remains straightforward - to make fishing more fun and enable anglers all over the world to catch more fish.


  • Innovative design that is collapsible, easy to transport and store.
  • Effective transportation for a 200 lb. Weights your beloved fishing gear.
  • Sturdy cutting board with knife storage and bait bucket.
  • Adjustable corrosion resistant frame with an electrostatic finish and an adjustable handle.
  • Hardcore pneumatic wheels.


  • Just like many carts, customers have complained about the item’s tires being smelly. But such reaction is only in the beginning and users eventually get used to it.

3. Surf Fishing Cart Wagon

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These four-wheel fishing cats are a versatile item for the enthusiastic angler. It can carry six fishing rods, a couple of them inside a tool rack and four within the individual fish pole holders. This hardcore model cart contains a 300-lb loading capacity over hard ground and can haul at least 50 lbs over soft sand although an increase in weight may make it more difficult for you to pull the cart within the soft sand.


  • You can submerge it within saltwater or freshwater since the bearings will not rust.
  • The beach cart can easily transport cooler, fishing poles, and other fishing gear.
  • The telescopic handle can expand from a 22” to a 34” length.
  • It is a dynamic sports equipment cart that can serve as, cooler cart, furniture moving dolly, beach caddy, log hauler, beach cart and fishing cart.
  • It won’t rust and contain 8.5 – 4.5 wide rubber wheels that won’t go flat and always turn.


  • Some customers have criticized the cart for its “weird” design, but many have found it simple and efficient enough.

4. Fish N Mate

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This cart is lightweight, weighing only 24.7 lbs with all components included. It contains corrosion-resistant tubing construction created for toughness in supporting up to 200 lbs of weight. Fish-N-Mate has attachments and parts designed for recreation and outdoor living (such as fishing).


  • Its aluminum construction and lightweight was designed for easy transport, shipping, and storage.
  • The cart can support huge loads of gear from bridges, surf, and piers.
  • The aluminum tubing resists corrosion and ensures prolonged use.
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship make the item ideal for fishing.


  • One customer complained about the inflate valve being pressed too deeply in the tire making it difficult for one to put air in it.

5. Anglers Pier Cart

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We’ll end our list with what many consider as the angler’s best friend – the Anglers Pier Cart. This little cart is one of Fishing mate’s most priced models and is just terrific at what it does. Its weight capacity and spaciousness are exactly what you require in a fishing cart. The car is lightweight with a total weight of only 13 lbs.

Its large wheels are guaranteed to keep it moving even in the roughest sand. Also, the wheels were designed for better navigation on hard surfaces.

The wagon has abundant space for your Cooler, and it can be transported and stored easily.


  • Very durable with great maneuverability on sand.
  • Great capacity and has enough space for all types of items.
  • Has sufficient space for a bigger cooler.
  • The pneumatic rubber tires offer outstanding traction on uneven surfaces.
  • It has four rod holders.


  • Some customers find the cart too small for their needs but this is a matter of personal preference, and the item is spacious enough for everything you need while fishing.

Here’s a closer on the best beach carts and wagons:


You asked yourself whether there’s a better way to set your beach stuff closer to water. You are not sold out to the idea of lifting and hauling chairs, towels, coolers and other stuff from the car and on the sand – not to mention all your favorite fishing gear (rods, bait, net, etc.).

A strong and durable beach wagon will spare you with the trouble of bringing and transporting all the stuff to the beach and give you more quality time while fishing. It’s the reason why we have the top 5 best beach wagon presented to you in this post.​

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you think there’s enough useful information in it, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Which among the five best carts and wagons is your favorite? Feel free the share your choice and reasons in the comments.

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