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What is Monkfish ? Unlocking the mystery of the Monkfish

Since you found this page, it is safe to assume that you are a fish-lover looking for something new, strange, exciting and a bit scary-looking. And you are right to be curious about the Monkfish because it is one of the most mysterious fish in the ocean.

Monkfish may be scary-looking creatures, but they are a popular fish to enthusiastic fish catchers and chefs. And yet in spite of its popularity, the fish remains a mystery to many people. Their behaviour and biology are poorly understood, and many are curious about the real nature of the mysterious fish.

In this section, we will unlock such mystery!

How To Buy The Best Fishing Kayak – Top 5 Best Kayak For Fishing

Have you tried kayak fishing yet? Are you looking forward to upgrading to a kayak that best suits your fishing needs? There is no doubt that kayaks top the list of hottest trends in fishing right now.

Whether you are a boat fisherman that recognizes the relatively inexpensive and exciting way to get out of water, or a recreational kayaker with the desire to bring his or her fishing passion aboard a plastic vessel, or a shore-bound fisherman that wants to get to a kayak in order to reach distant fish or new waters, there is something magical with kayak fishing.

The Art Of Catfish Fishing – Tricks, Tips, And Techniques On How To Catch Catfish?

A catfish fishing expedition is fun, to say the least. Catfish are plentiful. They fight hard. Often, they are willing bitters. Ultimately, they are sumptuous on your dinner table. All these factors combined make catching catfish more than fun. For many catfish anglers, the most enjoyable part is eating the catch …

The good thing is that everyone can catch catfish -- unskilled, skilled, old and young anglers all can.

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