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How to Fly Fishing for Bass like a Professional Even If You Are a Newbie

Fly fishing is something I have always done. However, I have been more and more into the same the past few years. During my vacation, I had the golden opportunity to hone some fly-rod-specific techniques. To be honest, I learnt quite some great lessons when it comes to fishing for these critters almost daily.

Unlike carp, bass are present in all forty-eight contiguous states -- even in Hawaii. Bass consume readily. They can be fished for most months of the year. With the dawn of flies such as ‘Schmidterbait’ and ‘Game Changer’, it has never been easy to target bass fish by using the long rod.

The Top 4 Most Expensive Fishing Rods – #1 Will Amaze You

Fishing rods have tremendously evolved from just sticks to high performance, high-tech flexible lengths of synthetic and composite materials. Today’s rods vary in materials, flexibility, and length. Modern rods taper in width from the butt to tip. They can be made from stainless steel, fiberglass, boron, and graphite among other materials.

Are you looking for your maiden fishing rod? Do you want to upgrade from your current casting rod to a more expensive one? If you are in the market for some seriously expensive fishing rods, you have definitely come to the correct place.

The most expensive fishing rod boasts a performance that surely matches its price tag.

How to Tie A Fishing Hook – 20 Fishing Knots You Need To Know

An excellent knot is one thing you can never buy. You have to learn how to tie a fishing hook on your own. While no single knot might satisfy every fishing situation, mastering the art of tying the best angling knots reduces break offs. Moreover, it ensures you fish more as well as retie your line less. You must learn how to tie the knots of different categories (terminal loop knots, light-to-heavy line splices, line-to-line splices, and terminal knots).

The following twenty fishing knots will surely make you versatile in fishing. They will offer you plenty of options when it comes to joining lines, making loops on lures, Snelling, or even getting quick solid knots and stronger connections when in a hurry to get the lure back in water. The best part is that each fishing knot is illustrated perfectly, and has an accompanying video for practical viewing on how to tie. In addition to these knots, check out these other knots that you need to know.

​Therefore, remember to bookmark this link for later purposes or better still, share it with your angling colleagues.


5 Best Trout Lures To Increase Your Catch!

I can still remember the time when I bought my first fishing pole. The image of the first landing net, tackle box, and my first catch are still fresh in my mind. From there my collection grew until I’ve filled not just one but three tackle boxes. The feeling of having everything you need for fishing was consoling.

But then I realized that in spite of having filled three of my tackle boxes, I have been using only a small number of trout lures. The reason is simple. Using only the best trout lures makes a huge difference in fishing. Aside from making fishing a more awesome experience, it also leads to a perfect catch.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 best trout lures that will help you increase your catch. Here they are...

What is Pollock? The Answer will most Definitely Surprise You

Did you know that most people especially the Americans do not get enough seafood in their meals? Well, now you know this sad reality. According to the 2010 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, many people aren’t consuming diets containing seafood. Consequently, the agency recommends that we consume not less than two servings in terms of seafood every week.

Talking of seafood, one of the most delicious is the Pollock. I am sure many of you have taken this fish at one point in your lives but weren’t quite sure what it was. Well, growing up on both sides of North Atlantic, the Pollock was sort of a staple food. These kinds of fish are popular especially on offshore banks and inshore bays. I remember witnessing a large Pollock being landed by hook & line while on a visit to Massachusetts. I was later told that it weighed a staggering 44 pounds and 7 ounces.

​The truth is I’ve spent almost my whole life being around the Pollock. There is nothing that gives me great pleasure that sharing with you everything I know regarding this fish. Read on …

How To Tie A Fishing Knot The Ninja Way!

Fishing is among the best pastimes ever. Nothing compares to chilling along the water’s edge, throwing the line out, and hearing the sound of a little splash as the lure hits the water. And before you know it, the line tugs, and in a few minutes of struggle, you’re reeling in a 20-pound lake trout out of the water.

If you want that lure to last through the work, you must know how to tile a good knot. You don't want the thrill to stop as the knot breaks and your fish escapes. But don’t worry because we will show you how to tie a lure or hook to a fishing line so you can land a fish and secure a catch.

What is Monkfish ? Unlocking the mystery of the Monkfish

Since you found this page, it is safe to assume that you are a fish-lover looking for something new, strange, exciting and a bit scary-looking. And you are right to be curious about the Monkfish because it is one of the most mysterious fish in the ocean.

Monkfish may be scary-looking creatures, but they are a popular fish to enthusiastic fish catchers and chefs. And yet in spite of its popularity, the fish remains a mystery to many people. Their behaviour and biology are poorly understood, and many are curious about the real nature of the mysterious fish.

In this section, we will unlock such mystery!

How To Buy The Best Fishing Kayak – Top 5 Best Kayak For Fishing

Have you tried kayak fishing yet? Are you looking forward to upgrading to a kayak that best suits your fishing needs? There is no doubt that kayaks top the list of hottest trends in fishing right now.

Whether you are a boat fisherman that recognizes the relatively inexpensive and exciting way to get out of water, or a recreational kayaker with the desire to bring his or her fishing passion aboard a plastic vessel, or a shore-bound fisherman that wants to get to a kayak in order to reach distant fish or new waters, there is something magical with kayak fishing.

The Art Of Catfish Fishing – Tricks, Tips, And Techniques On How To Catch Catfish?

A catfish fishing expedition is fun, to say the least. Catfish are plentiful. They fight hard. Often, they are willing bitters. Ultimately, they are sumptuous on your dinner table. All these factors combined make catching catfish more than fun. For many catfish anglers, the most enjoyable part is eating the catch …

The good thing is that everyone can catch catfish -- unskilled, skilled, old and young anglers all can.

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